12 People Who Slept Past Noon on 9/11 Share Their Stories

9/11 memories often leave us speechless and emotional. How did those who woke up post-noon react to the shocking news? A netizen asks,“How was waking up past noon on 9/11?” Here are top responses.

I Was In Disbelief The Rest Of The Day

“I worked a graveyard shift the night before. Woke up at noon, went to work but it was closed. Unaware of the NYC events, I was shocked by images of people running from the towers.”

She Was Astounded To Say The Least

"My wife woke at 2 PM to calls from our adult kids and me. She called me before turning on the TV. I said, 'Turn on the TV and then call me back'. She was floored and spent the afternoon ringing the kids."

Woke Up By A Huge Bang

"Sick and drowsy, a loud bang woke me up. I thought it was street-paving noise, but later I learned it was the plane hitting the Pentagon, just a mile away."

Wife Told Me To Talk About It Later

"My wife worked nightly from 7PM-7AM. She was asleep when it happened. When I told her, she sleepily said, 'Tell me about it later when I wake up'."

I’d Mistaken Everything For Cyber Hacking

"I worked from 5pm to 4am, playing video games until my wife woke up at 6am. She woke me up one day exclaiming 'Babe, we've been attacked. The Twin Towers are on the ground.'"

Bought Groceries As If Everything Was Normal

"Woke up at noon, noticed long lines at gas stations. After shopping, came home to a voicemail saying 'We're at war!'."

Attended My College Class That Day

"The towers fell before noon. I was woken up by a frantic call from my sister: the US was under attack and the World Trade Center was gone. Despite the shock, classes continued that day, closely following the news."

Felt Both Mortified And Embarrassed

"At 18, my mom woke me, crying about the World Trade Center attack. I underestimated the gravity, went back to sleep, only to wake at 2 PM to my family watching the crashes on loop & crying."

Got Into Deployable Status. Again!

"Awakened by my ex-wife before the second plane hit. Command called me to pack and prepare to deploy, only a month home from previous deployment."

It Was A Surreal Experience

"I woke to my mom's cries of 'We're going to war.' I joined my family, all fixated on the TV, intuitively grasping the gravity, despite our confusion."

I Thought We Were In The Middle Of A Nuclear Attack

"Slept until 10 a.m. in Texas. Turned on TV after 2nd tower fell, mistook the dust wave in NYC for a nuclear bomb."

Woke Up To My Dad Calling Me Freaking Out

"Worked all night, slept at 6:30 a.m. Woke up to dad freaking out about an invasion. Watched the news all day - it felt surreal."

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