Career Cautionary Tales: 23 Jobs People in the Field Wouldn’t Recommend

A recent online discussion revealed that many people dislike certain commonly suggested jobs. Here is a sneek peek into what 23 individuals said:

1. Call Center

Some users express their disdain for call center jobs, describing them as mentally exhausting due to constant communication and lack of downtime. It can lead to stress and depression. Here you can find their experiences. Instead, consider email and chat support jobs. Also, learn how to earn $1K+ legally as a woman.

2. Teach English in Japan

Teaching English to Korean, Chinese, & Japanese students is popular. But many advise against it in Japan due to low pay & no benefits. For more info, visit here, here, and here.

3. Book Editor For Book Lovers

"You can get paid to read books, but it can ruin your love for books," one user said. "Exactly! Do a job you love and you will ruin your hobby," added another. Not all agree - some enjoy proofreading jobs.

4. Zookeeper

“Lion spray and late night baby bat feeding for minimum wage isn't everyone's dream job. My student left her zoology job to bartend at my second job. Consider your pay scale before zookeeping or university teaching” said a university teacher.

5. Doctor Or Physician

Medical jobs pay well, but many doctors don't recommend it for their kids due to long schooling, high debt, and stressful work conditions. Related: Highest Paying Non-Medical Jobs

6. Lawyer

Lawyers earn well but can face stress, health issues and huge student debts. The field is highly competitive and lacks a sense of community. Even weekends are consumed by work. Consider alternatives like High Paying Online Jobs.

7. Middle School Teacher

"University instructors with PhD's often get paid around $33,000-$45,000 annually, regardless of the workload. Their titles avoid the term 'professor', hence lower pay," Related: Jobs That Make $20 An Hour or More

8. Librarian

"The pay is low despite needing a master's to advance, making only $40-50k. Coworkers deal with harassment and we act as untrained social workers, not just librarians."

9. Accountant

"It’s mentally draining asking for financial info; clients tend to be sensitive about it. Plus it's rare to find business-oriented owners who know about accounting. Dealing with such people if not your thing? Avoid bookkeeping. That said, both accounting and bookkeeping are well paid."

10. Elementary School Counsellor

"As an overwhelmed elementary school counselor, I'm burdened with a massive caseload and lack of support. I'm planning to leave after this year to become a private practitioner," confessed a redditor. Related: Get Paid To Talk To Strangers

11. Nurse

"Hospitals can be tough, some colleagues too. Working with doctors' egos gets tiresome, though many are nice. Younger ones can be worse. Pay is low without travel."Entry Level Work From Home Jobs That Pay $50K or More

12. Social Worker

"The pay is low and the job disrespected, particularly when working with kids seen as 'bad' or 'problems.' Often, families aren't willing to change, expecting a magical solution."

13. Warehouse Worker

“Warehouse work sucks. Repetitive. Coworkers will snitch and gossip and are unreliable to show up or do their job.” shared a user.

14. Journalist

"The US media bias has increased global animosity, pushing journalists out due to fears for safety & stress. Most strive for unbias, covering relevant stories. Favor local over national news for authenticity. Respect their profession." a user urged.

15. Private Security

“Private security – pay is bad, too many slack jawed morons in positions of authority, dangerous to boot.” shared someone.

16. Medical Billing

"Medical Billing is tough with constant insurance changes. Also, less chatter and more work needed in offices." said a redditor.

17. Long Haul Trucker

A former trucker liked working alone, but said it ruined his social life as he only had 3-4 days at home monthly.

18. Dog Grooming

A groomer loves her job, makes good money and enjoys the creative aspect. The job's challenges include physical ailments, unruly dogs, uneducated pet owners, and dogs in poor condition. Related: Make money as a dog walker.

19. Massage Therapist

US franchises lead to poor pay, overwork, micromanagement and high turnover. Bodywork & Massage wear you down physically. Photography business yields 3x pay. Avg annual income: 20-40k. Make Money Fast In 2023

20. Human Resource

"If HR isn't for you if you can't tolerate bad attitudes. It's often akin to 'customer service'. Dealing with a variety of attitudes is part of the job. Managers understand workload & you won't lose your job if you care", shared a user. Related: Best Paying Data Entry Jobs.

21. Chef

A former chef shares career struggles. Started as a janitor-like dishwasher for $11/h, then food prep for $13/h. Stuck in the food industry as higher positions were limited and not well-paid. Now in finance, exploring better careers. See Top Side Hustles For Men To Make UpTo $100K.

22. Anything In Hospitality

Hospitality jobs like dishwashing or front desk service have poor pay, bad hours, and require total dedication. A front desk manager at a 5-star hotel was making 50k after 15 years, and success means completely giving up work/life balance. Guests are often difficult, and alcoholism is common.

23. Tech Writer

"Some consider writing professionally, forgetting the lack of creativity in tech spaces, like airplane manuals.” Explore this Reddit discussion & stories of desperation for money.

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