From Diapers to Dollars: 16 Kickass Ways to Earn Big Bucks While Raising Little Humans

Moms looking for part-time remote work to ensure flexibility and family time have many fulfilling options available. A recent query highlighted one such mom seeking an at-home job related to her English-Persian translation skills to keep her engaged during her spare time. Check out our top suggestions below!


“WAHQueen has a website and email list with remote jobs. She sends it out every day.” 

Government Translator To Catch Criminals

"I watch 'To Catch a Smuggler'. At airports, police often need government-affiliated translators to help arrested foreigners. Maybe your mom would be interested."

Caption Website

“Tell her to look into a website called Rev. It’s a caption website. You listen to the audio while transcribing the audio that you are hearing.”

English Tutor

“Teach English online. There are companies out there that give you training and you just gotta talk to people overseas so they can practice their English.” 


"Try VirtualVocations. You need to join to apply. They ensure all job postings are legitimate and salaried."

Local Computer Jobs

"Look for local businesses in need of computer help. My relative found work doing tedious 'computer things' from home, creating a simple but valuable income stream."


"Upwork has easy contract data entry jobs," one mentioned. "It also offers translation jobs, including in law," another added.


“Check out Liveops. They hire at-home call center representatives for major companies. All their call center representatives are based in the U.S.”

Content Moderation

“In the US, part and full-time paying moderation contracts: Apex Systems, Tech Mahindra, Genpact, Keyword Studios, TaskUs, Modsquad, Telus, Conectys, and 5ca”

Software Tester

“My daughter tests software from home.  They provide her with all the equipment and she has a quota she has to hit and gets bonuses.” may be a good outlet, she can pet sit, babysit, an elderly person sit, or tutor. I love that site, I get all of my sitters there and they are fantastic!”

Service Job For A Doctor’s Office

“What about answering phones after hours for a doctor’s office? Maybe a doctor in your community so that the language is a plus. I think you’d look for answering service jobs.” 


"Accounting recruitment can be done remotely. If adept at Google searching, consider a 'sourcing' or coordinator job at a reputable staffing firm."

Translators For Medical Concerns

"RWS Life Sciences & TransPerfect offer good pay for English-Farsi translators, despite no medical background. Due to limited Farsi translators, your mom may qualify."

Online Art Events

"Does your mum like hobbies, especially arts and crafts? She could sell her creations at local events or online to combat boredom. It may not yield a huge profit due to material costs."


"A website, iTalki, lets people pay for conversation practice with fluent speakers; you control your schedule. Most suggestions aren't suitable, but iTalki is viable."

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