15 Overpriced Items at Costco To Skip Buying

Costco appeals to shopaholics with its wide, affordable product range. However, some Costco items are actually overpriced. Let's explore the priciest offenders.


Costco sells two gallons of 2% milk for $7.92. The same costs $6.98 at Ralphs, about 11.8% cheaper. Costco only sells in two gallon lots.


Costco's Atlantic salmon, superior in quality, costs 40.05% more at $20 per pound, compared to Ralphs' at $11.99. Is the huge price difference justified?

Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts prices range $2.99-$3.49/pound while Kroger's organic is $2.79/pound. Boneless variants are $4.34 at Costco and $3.99 at Ralphs, showing a significant variance.


Costco sells 4 packs of Sensodyne advanced whitening toothpaste for $31.99, while Ralphs offers the same for $27.98. A 12.53% price variance, though brand differs.

Bagels and Muffins

Muffins at Costco come at $7.99 for a pack of one dozen, while at Ralphs, it comes at $6.99, which is a variation of 12.5 percent. The case with bagels is similar. 


Coca-Cola is costlier at Costco than Ralphs. A 30 can pack of 7.5 oz. each costs $18.99, while a 12 can pack of 12 oz. each is $8.99 at Ralphs. Significant price difference.

Bare Chicken

The price of meat has surged dramatically. Four pounds of chicken nuggets previously costing $13 now cost $20, marking a raise of over 50%.

Seasonal Products

During festive seasons like Easter/Christmas, Costco prices can spike. Not ideal for those on a budget. For instance, a 3-pumpkin decoration set cost $70 at Costco.

Holiday Decor

Costco's holiday decor quality is unmatched but the prices are steep. A Christmas-themed mat is $27.99, nearly double the price of similar designs on Amazon ($14.99).


At Costco, a 192 pack of Kirkland diapers is $40, while Target offers the same pack for $27. Parents often bulk shop for their little ones.

Dog Beds

Pet lovers splurge for their pets. Dogs need cozy beds. Costco sells medium and large beds from $50-$100. Chewy offers the same for $20-$50.


Books at Costco may cost more unless you buy in bulk. This applies to most products due to their bulk sales approach. Try Amazon, Target or local bookstores instead.

Dog Training Pads

Plan to potty train your dog? Costco offers training pads at $21.99 for 100 pack. The same pack is about $18 on Amazon.


Buying in bulk at Costco is usually a good deal, but not for pasta. Local stores offer pasta for $0.89/lb, while Costco's prices start at $1/lb.


Avocados are pricier to buy. You'd prefer cheaper options. At Costco, prices have increased significantly over the past year. A pack of six costs $10 at Costco, while local supermarkets sell them for about $7.5.

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