Riches Roulette: 16 Secretive Routes to Bagging Six Figures, Stealth Mode

Earn a six-figure income by exploring unconventional paths to reach your financial goals. Here are the top unconventional ways, as reported by six-figure earners.

1. Air Conditioner Expert

"I fix ACs for high-rises and hospitals," said one. "My cousin, who works on AC units for US Navy and airforce ships in Australia, is one of the few certified for such work. That's big money."

2. High-Voltage Powerline Expert

High-voltage powerline construction & repair is challenging but rewarding, often resulting in six-figure incomes. "My spouse skipped college, now makes up to 250k," shared a wife.

3. IT Professional, Not An Engineer

Tech expertise such as in AWS Cloud commands high salaries in modern business. One user said, "I keep getting certifications like AWS Cloud." Another said, "Made six digits in IT management."<

4. Real Estate Broker

"I'm a real estate broker. Look for low cost of living states with booming areas like TN & TX. Start as a loan processor and work up to a mortgage lender. This could realistically net you 6 figures in 5 years. Lenders make $150k-$200k, some even more. The potential is unlimited." - a Redditor.

5. Estimator For Construction

"High demand for construction workers as firms struggle to replace retirees. Some estimators earn significantly more in this field."

6. Rural Dentistry

"First-year rural dentist making $285k+. As suggested, do needed jobs where few wish to live. Retire early and enjoy life's second half," a user stated.

7. Scrum Master

“Highly recommend. Easy certification, in demand in the software field, does not require technical knowledge. I’ve been making six figures since I was 23 with this job.” said one.

8. Auditor

"I review access for a global hospitality company with 20k employees. I ensure appropriate access to applications, indispensable for audit success." a user said.

9. Recruiter

"Recruiting Software Developers. Worked at a well-paying tech company. Many companies hire remote workers from non-tech hubs. Check out west coast/city tech firms," advised a user.

10. Data Analyst

"Data Analyst mostly plays video games. Anything data-related is trending" one said. "I'm a product owner in Data Strategy, managing data changes. Mid-level, $168k salary" another added.

11. Traveling Nurse

"A traveling nurse I know made 150k last year," said one. "ICU nursing income varies. A friend left my job for travel nursing, earning 1x-4x depending on contracts & COVID surge pay.

12. Automotive Collison Repair

"I've been in the industry for nearly 15 years. Numerous positions that pay $100k both in-shop and office. Two years of hard work can lead to good money without a degree. Even underlooked careers can yield 200k+ yearly with hard work," shared industry veterans.

13. Hair Dresser

“Wife is a 6 figure hairdresser.” said one.  “Going in to my 14th year behind the chair, my 5th as an independent contractor, 6 figures, and I make my own schedule.” shared another.

14. Patent Examiner

There are patent examiners who making over $100k a year. 

15. Air Traffic Controller

"Air Traffic Controller needs HS diploma + 3-4 years experience/bachelor's, basic math skills, calm demeanor. Salary starts ~$125K, end career ~$200K. Best job ever after 12 years," they said.

16. Mortgage Underwriter

"Mortgage Underwriter: work hard, pay attention to details, and earn 750k+ without a degree. Enjoyed our list?"

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