15 Men Spill the Beans on Their Exes’ Most Embarrassing Secrets, It’s Funny!

Discover strengths and awkward moments in relationships. Question for men: what embarrassing secrets do you know about your exes? See for yourself!

She Tried To Sleep With Me Because ‘I Looked Rich’

"In high school, she got pregnant unintentionally, tried seducing me and two others, assuming we're rich. Unaware we're friends, she revealed this. Now, she's with my cousin."

She Thought There Were 11 Months In A Year

“I had an ex that thought there were 11 months in a year. She was a college graduate. I really hope she took that secret notion to the grave.” 

She Had Affairs With Married Doctors

“She had an affair with a doctor. Then with another doctor. To her defense, she ‘didn’t know’ the doctors were married.”

She Was A Raging Alcoholic And Drug Addict

"She was an alcoholic/drug addict in school. A neighbor would provide free drugs for explicit favors, exploiting high schoolers."

She Cheated On Me With 18 Different Men

"Post a 2-time cheating breakup, my ex's sisters revealed her 18 affairs during our 11-year relationship. I made poor choices post-divorce but finally found happiness 20 years later."

She Sold Herself For Free Food

“She sold herself for an iced coffee and a wrap, when she told me that it probably should’ve been a sign to leave.” 

She Is A Deep Covert Narcissist

"She's a covert narcissist. Expert at manipulation, she protects her façade. Only her exes know her true colors, including me, remembering her patterns."

Her Massive Mistake In The Thesis Got Overlooked

"My ex made a serious math error in her thesis, unnoticed by her professor. She still earned a first-class degree. Unseen until I read the paper after submission."

She Falsely Accused Her Own Father Of Molesting Her

"She wrongfully accused her dad of abuse, leading to court battles. When he won, he left her and her mother."

She Worked In A Brothel

"My ex claimed she was a receptionist but was working at a brothel. Despite this, we lived together. I found her a qualified job, but later discovered she returned to the brothel."

She Wrote A Few Erotic Fan Fiction

"She wrote erotic Harry Potter and Firefly fanfics. One featured a Harry-Draco romance, another a Mal-Kaylee-Inara threesome. I found her secret computer folder."

Tomatoes Gave Her Terrible Gas

“She tells everyone she’s allergic to tomatoes but really they just give her terrible gas.”

She Kept Her Exes As Backup

"She befriends exes she wants back. After admitting lingering feelings for a past ex, her offer of friendship months post-breakup was easy to refuse."

Her Social Media Personality Was Completely Different Than Her Real Self

"My ex portrays herself as a strong feminist online but lacks self-control. She's controlled by fear of her parents and others' opinions."

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