10 Jobs Where You Need to Be on Your A-Game 24/7 Everyday or Else You’re Fired

Some jobs can't afford a single error. An online talk asked if any job is mistake-proof. The reply was surprising.

1. Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologists are highly paid; a slip-up could mean life or death. Honesty with them is crucial. One man was inadvertently awake, paralyzed and felt each cut during his surgery.

2. Parachute Rigger

"Parachute riggers can't be negligent unless parachute is faulty. One person fell due to twists and broke their tibia due to improper rigging."

3. Bungee Jump Safety Inspector

Adventures can turn tragic due to safety mistakes. Examples includes a misunderstood 'no jump' command leading to fatal bungee accident and issues with ropes leaving a jumper hanging upside down over a canyon.

4. Industrial Engineer

"My ex's tiny engineering error on a crane part cost his company hundreds of thousands and shutdown. The part was for a high precision valve," a user stated.

5. Electrician

"Electrician recalls major accident last year, acknowledges full PPE saved his life. Describes contact with wires while replacing an outlet as scariest moment; lost sensation in hands for a week."

6. Air Traffic Controller

"My buddy was an Air Traffic Controller, earning $130k-$150k annually, working few non-consecutive hours daily. He quit due to the stressful nature of the job; despite making less at his new job, there was less stress from minor mistakes," one said.

7. Blood Bank Technician

Errors and insufficient checks led to 30k UK people being infected by contaminated blood from US prisoners, resulting in premature death. Modern screening techniques have improved.

8. Software Developer

"I was a software developer for market trading tools, handling millions in transactions; I'll never do it again," said one. “My code for a company did billions in transactions. It was stressful,” another stated.

9. Underwater Welders

"Underwater welders face delta-p risks repairing pipes, risking being sucked into a hole like a golf ball," said one. "Divers can be killed by Delta p even at shallow depths," added another.

10. Bomb Disposal Expert

"Being a bomb disposal expert must be stressful. One wrong move could be catastrophic," said one. "Their level of training is amazing. They disarm ticking bombs in seconds!"

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