18 Jobs and Their Un-Glamorous Realities

What profession doesn’t live up to the fun expectations that many people have?

A user asked, “Which job is much less fun than most people expect?”. Here are the best ones.

1. Lifeguard

"Many think lifeguards do nothing. It's physically true, but it's mentally taxing and stressful. Not as fun as perceived."

2. Engineering

“Engineering, most of the time you double-check someone’s work, and mistakes are expensive.”

3. Lawyer

"Lawyering involves arguing in court, researching statutes and dealing with demanding clients. Read: 21 Things You’re Saying That Make People Dislike You “Instantly”: Guilty of Any?"

4. Archaeology

"Archaeology isn't like Indiana Jones. It involves desk-based assessments, on-site surveys, and supervision of builders for council planning permission. Rarely do you find more than postholes or broken pottery."

5. Being A Chef

"Many aspire to be chefs after watching MasterChef. Most quit after their first 13-hour shift with endless guests, cuts, burns, and incredibly sore feet. 95% never return."

6. Astronaut

"Astronauts endure harsh conditions like using bagged toilets, no showers, stale air, recycled urine, radiation exposure, muscle and bone atrophy." Read more: 18 Things You Never Realized the Pandemic Has Completely Ruined

7. Video Production

“Video production, long hours on your feet, often poor pay, no proper breaks, sporadic work schedule.”

8. Commerical Pilot

"Being a commercial pilot entails hours of autopilot with sporadic moments of terror, as my pilot dad described."

9.  Masseur

"Masseur - a job often misunderstood. It's not fun but routine and people try to get free massages. Avoid telling strangers about it."

10. Adult Movie Star

"Doing it for money in movies isn't easy. Takes, downtime, takes, chosen positions that look good on camera, and long hours. It's competitive, pay can be low, and seedy companies abound. Drug use is rampant. Read: Get Paid To Talk To Stranger"

11. Video Game Tester

"Video game testing is not as fun as it sounds. You can't choose the games and often test early versions missing key elements. I once spent 90hrs testing a 30min mission."

12. Acting

"Acting involves much waiting, repetition, silence and occasional excitement during cool scenes." You spend most of the day standing or sitting around.

13. Bartending

"Bartending has its moments, but it also means dealing with nonstop printing tickets, servers' unnoted modifications, demanding drunk customers. Pros: good cash. Read: 10 Endangered Jobs..."

14. Tattoo Artist

"Tattoo artist: Love art, but get tired replicating popular designs. Often, people try to get minors tattooed. Sometimes, customers' requests for unique designs are great but rare. As a woman artist, coping with a misogynistic field is tough." Read: How To Make Money Fast As A Woman

15. Sports Reporter

"Sports reporting is challenging; low pay, grueling schedule, chaotic environment. However, it provides unforgettable experiences and is better than plumbing."

16. Food Taster

“Food taster or any taster for that matter, how many types of disgusting things you’ll have to try before a decent recipe comes your way.”

17. Gynecologist

“Gynecologist. I’m sure looking at private parts all day can be exciting, but not when there are medical issues (thinking discharges, foul odors, etc.).”

18. Brewing Beer

"Brewing beer is tough in extreme conditions with low pay & little time off. A post-shift beer is a small consolation."

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