12 Things You’re Buying That Are Just Cluttering Up Your Life and Money

Embark on a financial freedom journey, eliminating 12 unnecessary costs with our insightful guide. Users share what they've stopped or never bought.

1. Trash Bags

"We use paper Kroger bags as trash bags, requiring fewer than plastic. The paper fits our trash can better, and we only take what we need, often bringing our own bags."

2. Plastic Wrap

“Plastic Wrap – we don’t have a substitute, but we don’t miss it.”

3. Zip Locks

“Ziplock bags – don’t miss them. Just use Tupperware.”

4. Cleaning Products

“Cleaning products – aside from one germ-killing spray, I use a vinegar/dish soap/water mixture on almost everything.”

5. Paper Towels

“Paper towels – just use dish towels and rags.”

6. Febreeze

“Febreeze or those plug-in things.” “Things like that can also be bad for indoor air quality.” “I’ve also heard that they can be bad for pets depending on the brand.”

7. Paper Napkins

"I've never bought paper napkins. I collect them from takeout bags and mainly use to clean up bacon grease. However, I use self-made cotton napkins most often."

8. Bottled Water

“Confused about the craze for bottled water. My tap water's fine, I refill reusable bottles. Despite refill stations, many still choose bottled water!”

9. Paper Plates

“Paper plates/bowls/cups. No plastic ones, either. I have enough real plates and silverware for 30 people or more if they don’t mind mismatched plates. I also have real napkins.”

10. Fabric Softener

“Fabric softener. Half-cup of vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser works GREAT.”

11. Seeds

"I collect next year's seeds from this year's crop, from zinnias to zucchini. If I need a seed, my library has a seed area."

12. Menstrual Products

“Menstrual products, the diva cup lasts for years and has saved me hundreds of dollars.”

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