The Big Apple or the Big Bluff? 14 People Debate The Allure Of Moving To New York City

Do Americans share non-Americans' allure for NYC? We explore this question asked by a German netizen: "Is it common for Americans to dream of visiting/moving to NYC, or is it more of a European dream?" Explore others' responses.

Super Common Place To Visit

"Visiting NYC is common. Moving there is a personal preference like LA. It's not uncommon to move to such cities. I recommend visiting NYC, you'll have a great time."

Living Here Is A Common Fantasy

“People romanticize living here so it’s a common fantasy. I’ve been here for 10 years and I still really like it, but there are a lot of dreamers who come here and get washed out.”

For Visiting, Yes…Living, Not Really!

“Visit, sure, that’s pretty common. Move, not too common. More common with theater kids in high school. I would never want to live there.”

Fairly Common For High Schoolers Or College Kids

"It's common for art-oriented youth to aim for new horizons. Leaving one's hometown can be a good thing. There's also a lot of 'I would never' drama."

Depends On Career And Personal Objectives

"NYC excels in finance, advertising, & entertainment. Its diversity & harmony in close quarters might intimidate those uninterested in living there."

Very Expensive For Living

"Visit? Yes. Live? It's costly, indicating high demand. Wish I'd settled there post-college."

It’s A Pretty Universal Thing

"Visiting NYC is a must for Americans due to its historical significance. As a child, I loved its energy. Now, I see its flaws but still enjoy weekend visits."

It Cannot Be Generalized

"Some Americans shun NYC for crime and congestion; others hail its appeal. Preferences vary widely, many favor houses over apartments."

Visiting Is Great

"Visiting is fascinating but living there isn't for me. It's so different from the built-out West Coast I'm used to. Plus, a horse bit me!"

Living There Is More Like A Nightmare

“Living there would be more of a nightmare for me. Too many people, too few green spaces.”

It Does Make Sense To Me

"Surprised by how many non-US shows feature characters dreaming of NYC. NYC's melting pot culture allows one to live comfortably with no English."

That Desire Has Waned A Bit By Now

"As a kid, I was obsessed with NYC and wanted to visit. Now, I’d rather visit Chicago. Live in NYC? No way!"

Never Ever

“I have never wanted to move to New York City. It seems way too crowded, expensive, hot, hectic, expensive, rushed, mean-spirited, and expensive.”

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