18 Things That Were Ruined by Fans Who Loved Them “Too Much”

Ever loved something until its fanbase spoiled it for you? We're exploring this issue as one user asked, "What enjoyable “thing” is ruined by its fans?" Here are the responses.

1. Horse Barn

"Some barn witches ruin horse-related fun, being rude, and nasty. They are, however, nice to their horses!"

2. Wine

"At a wine-selling restaurant, I encountered two types of people. Those who tasted different wines before choosing & those who directly ordered bottles. I preferred the latter."

3. Parenting Experts

"Parenting experts can be irksome with their 'meta snobbery'. Some use being a parent as a license to critique anything, starting with 'as a mother'."

4. Coffee

"Coffee snobs: you need micro bubbles at exact temperatures or plain black coffee. If you don't process your own Guatemalan beans using Aeropress, you're clueless. Keurig? Expect a mob with torches."

5. Campers

“Campers who trash the camp sites.” “Glampers.. they have to have EVERY comfort from home with them. Running generators. Loud music. etc”

6. Essential Oils

"Essential oils aren't just for making your house smell good! They're great, organic alternatives to vaccines too. Use them to reduce disease risks." Learn more.

7. Whiskey

"Bourbon enthusiasts, or 'taters,' hype and buy out hot bottles strictly for resale. This goes for Irish, Scotch, & Japanese whiskey too. Let people enjoy their Scotch their way."

8. Beer

"Beer enthusiasts can be irksome - particularly those slightly heavy, bearded types who are self-professed experts in everything. "Trust me; my buddy does it for a living."

9. Cooking

“Cooking, especially the “authentic” types..” “Oh wait, you didn’t grind your flour well, then you didn’t cook, did you!”

10. Guns

"I'm a gunsmith, not fond of other gun people. Your $2k AR? I bet I shoot as well with mine, cheaper but not inferior. Expensive guns must outperform others."

11. Scuba Diver

"Three types of SCUBA divers: hippie ocean lovers, casual vacation divers (disliked by group three), and those acting like elite military due to their SSI certification."

12. Flashlight

"Flashlight enthusiasts, bringing light to dark areas, discussing lumens, and gifting unsolicited flashlights. Check out this flashlight's range."

13. Pets

"Animal rescue can be great but sometimes their over-the-top gatekeeping prevents pets from getting homes. I don't always need reminding their dog is a rescue."

14. Star Wars

"Star Wars fans are their own biggest critics. I care less about canon or legend; it's simply my entertainment. Yet, I'm seen as the problem."

15. Paint Ball

“Paint-ball….looks like fun, but too many warriors are acting out their Call of Duty fantasies.”

16. Christianity

Jesus was cool. The Bible misquotes him often. His followers differ. He might not enter an American church, based on his words.

17. Photography

-Photography. All photographers I've met were rude. My interest faded after an undergrad elective with a harsh professor.

18. Fine Dining

“Fine dinning and Art. Let me enjoy the food and art for what it is. Please don’t make it all about exclusivity.”

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