12 Dream Jobs That People Wish For

Let's talk about your dream job, no matter how cliche it sounds. What's your surprising aspiration? Here's what people said.

1. Author

“Author. I want to disappear into my bedroom, write a book, publish it, disappear again, and watch people enjoy it.” “I want to be a best-selling fantasy writer.”

2. Photography

"Becoming a world-traveling wildlife/landscape photographer is feasible by growing an online following and selling prints at fine art galleries."

3. Blacksmith

"I aspire to be a blacksmith, live simply. Rise with the sun, have coffee, head to my shack, work on hot iron/steel, create cool stuff."

4. Pilot

"I dreamt of being a pilot but was told I was too old at 27 after following parents' advice to get a degree first."18 Things Pandemic Ruined That We Didn't Realize

5. Voice Actor

Voice actor for cartoons.”

6. Race Car Driver

"Always wanted to be a race car driver. Aim to work for an F1, MotoGP, or IndyCar team. Love the thrill of the race!"

7. Not Need A Job

"My dream job is not needing one. I want to contribute & add value, just not by sacrificing most of my life." Also, read 21 Things You're Saying That Make People Dislike You Instantly.

8. Psychologist

“Consultant psychologist that sits in on high-end job interviews to assess applicants. Like 500K plus jobs.”

9. Re-doing Old Houses

"Dream job: rehabbing old houses authentically, not like a flipper. Also love teaching kids on the side."

10. Selling Retro Videogames

“I want to have a shop selling retro videogames. Old Nintendo, Sega, Atari, PlayStation, etc. Also, some newer stuff, but mostly the old classic games”

11. Film Director

“Film Director. I want to make historical films.” Read: 17 Places That’re Popular For Travel But is NOT Worth Visiting Even Once

12. Archaeologist

“Archaeologist. As a kid, I always wanted to be just like Indiana Jones.”

13. Detective

“My dream job is being a detective”

14. Board Game Designer

“Board game designer. I have prototypes of several games already, but haven’t yet made one that sings.”

15. YouTuber

"Dreaming to be a paid YouTuber or Twitch streamer. Yet, consistency and building a large audience for financial support is challenging."

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