11 Red Flags That Reveal A Job Is Absolutely “Toxic”

Red flags in job interviews indicate a toxic work environment, just like warning signs in relationships hint at toxicity. This article examines examples of such red flags from user responses to "What interview red flags reveal a toxic job?"

Extremely Limited Or No Vacations

"I often ask when they last took a vacation, particularly in workplaces with 'unlimited' vacation. One interviewer, who never took off, complained about a frequent vacationer."

When They Pay In Gift Cards For An Extra Shift

"In one interview, I was told overtime isn’t an issue, but extra shifts are paid in gift cards to save on taxes. They're trying to save employment taxes; they’re not doing me favors. I declined."

When They Promise To ‘Re-Evaluate’ Your Pay

"One job tip I've learned: if offered a lowball salary with a promised raise, negotiate for a higher initial salary. Raises often exceed 3%," one advised.

Poor Glassdoor Reviews

"When I referenced a company's bad Glassdoor reviews, they ended the interview," one said. "An HR rep once spent a phone interview defending their poor reviews before I had even checked," added another.

Convincing You To Lowball Yourself

An interviewer suggested accepting a lower salary to get a year-end bonus. The offer was $10k below their range. One stated preference for a guaranteed salary over a bonus.

They Act Like They’re Doing A Favor

“The interviewer acts like giving you the job is a favor,” said one. “Especially in unpaid internships. It's just resume-filling unpaid labor. It's happened in 3 of 5 interviews,” another added.

When They Don’t Realize That Interviews Are A Two-Way Street

“When they don’t realize you’re interviewing *each other*.” Said one. “After realizing this, I was never nervous again.” Another added. 

Bossy Bosses

A restaurant owner advised, "If you have an issue, don't come to me." Critics said, "A boss should help solve problems."

Make You Feel ‘Money’ Shouldn’t Be Your Goal

In an interview, I was given a detailed, money-centric questionnaire and left earlier. Later I found that the company registered employees for low salaries, delaying pay for months. I'm glad I quit.

Make You Work Before You Start Officially

"They try to make you start before discussing pay," said one. "They're pushy, give tasks to work on without pay, even if you've given a start date," added another.

The Word “Sales”

"If 'sales' is in the job description, that'll be your key role", one said. Many felt admin/data entry jobs turned out to be sales focused, another added.

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