12 Cunning Scams That Prove No One Is Immune to Clever Deception

Scams often pose as legit, making them deceptive. A user asked the top scams people don't realize are scams, and here are the picks:

1. Supplements that “cleanse” a body

"Supplements or drinks don't remove toxins- your body does," one said. "Drinking water and sweating are helpful tools," said another. "Natural superfoods cleanse toxins. If feeling unwell, I resort to them." Related: 15 Unskippable Frugal Hacks That You Should Know And Try

2. Auction and Bidding Websites

"Beware of auction websites selling items like PS5s significantly under market value. You pay for bids, often losing, essentially gambling money with little return. Some sites then allow you to pay full price for the item, applying your lost bids to the cost - a clever scam." Related: Debunked: 19 Frugal Myths That Don’t Actually Save Money

3. Unlimited Options To Eat

"Recalling his youth, a man humorously revealed how his 'unlimited' dining options eventually got him banned from several restaurants for challenging their unlimited policies."

4. MLMs

"MLM companies, like Amway, lose money for 99% of their participants according to a FTC report."

5. Brands Claiming They Are Sustainable

“Big names like H&M, Zara promote 'greenwashing' for profit not care," said one. "Nike, with bad record on environment, human rights, pretends to 'go green' with new box design," added another.

6. Slot Machines

"Slot machines, house always wins." One suggested leaving when a set target is reached. One had a friend who won $350 after 5 minutes and $10. Another, an ex-casino worker, simply avoids them. See more desperate money stories here.

7. Bottled Water

"Most bottled water is just filtered municipal water," says expert. More at 13 Habits Men Actually Dislike.

8. Weddings

"One claimed costly weddings cause financial trouble post-divorce. Another knew people spending $30k on weddings, then struggling with rent."

9. Upgrading Iphones

"Upgrading iPhone every year is wasteful," says one user. "I'm using an iPhone XR (4yrs old), no issues yet. It's lasting better than my wife's 12." More on Frugality.

10. Payday loans

Payday loans often overcharge with high rates. CNBC reports typical APR at 664%.

11. Tipping

“The tipping system mostly covers waitress’s legal wage. When tips+tip wage < normal wage, restaurant has to compensate, else risk wage theft;” one commented. “Tipping culture has become too expected. Now if you don’t tip, you risk subpar service. Tipping encourages corporate exploitation. Stop senseless tipping.” another added.

12. Printers

"Your printer won't print B&W without yellow ink. Replace it or no prints," said a user. Another switched to a black-only printer to avoid expensive cartridges. Visit this Reddit discussion and read Debunked: 19 Frugal Myths that Don't Actually Save Money.

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