10 Jobs That Seem to Attract “Only” Unpleasant People

Negative traits may be linked with certain jobs, but it's unfair and incorrect to generalize all workers. See below to learn more about users' thoughts on what profession potentially attracts difficult individuals:

1. Nurse

Nurses are vital to healthcare, often needing improved competence. Issues range from toxic behaviors to insufficiency for responsible roles, high-school drama-type behaviors are common. They can be amazing caregivers or egoistic monsters. Related: Highest Paying Non Medical Jobs

2. Stockbrokers

Stockbrokers are skilled sellers, but their ability can lead to deception. One person described them as making things up to seem confident while another compared them to selling a fake Snickers.

3. Recruiters

"Ex-recruiters share workplace experiences of drinking, drugs, and inappropriate relationships. Applicants also report discomfort with unprofessional recruiters." Read: Find The Best Odd Jobs Near You To Make Quick Money

4. Real Estate Agent

"Real estate is cutthroat. One former agent confirms, "The level of corruption & backstabbing is astonishing." Another says many are "the worst people I've interacted with."

5. Sales

"Some people do anything to boost sales, but not all agree. One salesperson values their freedom over excessive sales tactics. Read: 10+ best ways for women to make extra income"

6. Architect

"I studied architecture for two years and recall its arrogance. Met an architect who claimed he could design a house leading to a couple's divorce," a user shared.

7. Politicians

"No introduction is needed. Good, authentic people avoid politics as it tends to be selfish. -"

8. Bouncers

"People love stirring up trouble to assert power," one stated. Another shared, "As a former bouncer, I agree. Our troubles often came from boastful troublemakers."

9. Cook

"Cooking is stressful and can bring out the savage in people. “Every difficult person I've met was a cook, often addicted and ex-con, yet hardworking." Read: Best Work From Home Jobs In 2023

10. In The Field of Psychology

"Many in the psychology field are destructive manipulators. Some students show empathy, but most are disturbed," say alumni. It's worth discussing which careers attract certain behaviors.

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