Curious Cats Question: 10 Things Out Of 20000 That Men Asked About Women

Exploring Women's Minds: Deciphering Long-Standing Mysteries. Users on a forum shared their top queries about women that they're hesitant to ask.

1. Do Women Wear Heels Just For The Sound?

Most women wear heels for height, aesthetics, or confidence. Some choose their heels based on looks and sound. Wearing heels can boost confidence, especially in professional settings.source

2. Do You Change Pads Often?

Women should change their pads every 3-4 hours or when full for menstrual hygiene, as wearing a full pad can lead to discomfort and infection risk. Users share varied practices. [source]

3. Women’s Opinion On Men Asking Them Out?

Women appreciate straightforward invites from men. One appreciates clear date requests due to her autism. Another enjoys polite invites, even when not interested. Read more: 16 Unattractive Habits.

4. What’s The Men’s Guide to Supporting Women during their Periods?

Men can support women by understanding, providing comfort, and avoiding insensitive remarks. They should enlighten themselves on period-related matters and advocate for women's health rights. Appreciating the process rather than mistreating it, keeping essential items like a bathroom trashcan and Midol on hand, and being receptive to women's needs during this time are key. Men should also understand that mood changes are not always period-related and that sometimes women need space, while at other times they crave company. Always ask, they will express their needs – this is a great indicator of love.

5. What Do Women Really Want to Eat?

"Women often eat based on mood but can be indecisive. Patience and suggestions help. Sometimes, they don't know what they want or prefer eating their partner's choice."

6. How To Make You Feel Comfortable Initiating Conversation

"If she isn't interested, she'll ignore you, but if she is, she might come talk. Offer a smile but don't push. Respect her space," advise sources. Read: 10 Things That Lose Interest

7. Vulnerability In Men: Do Women Admire And Respect It?

Women value men who share their feelings, building trust. "It's a sign of trust and a turn-on for me," one user said.

8. From Abs To Shoes: What Women Check Out On Men?

Women assess men's physical appeal, fashion, confidence, and more. However, preferences may differ, some might value attractiveness and trustworthiness, others might feel attracted to hands for their protective potential.

9. Why Women Don’t Want Chips But End Up Eating Yours?

Women may crave a bite of their partner's food for intimacy or healthy choices. "She can't resist the chips," says a user. Read more: Here.

10. What’s The Women’s Need To Decorate Flat Surfaces?

"We love displaying gifted trinkets. It's fun having cute, glittery, light-up things to look at," say some. More questions about women? Ask here.

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