15 Stubborn Myths That Have Been Plaguing Your Mind

Urban legends intrigue many globally, but some harmfully stereotype and induce fear. In response to "What urban legend needs to die?" here are 15 popular answers:

Gums Don’t Get Digested Until 7 Years

"One believed that swallowed gum takes 7 years to digest. At 39, another still dreads having to swallow gum, seeing no other disposal method."

You Need To Rush To The Hospital When Your Water Breaks

"Water break doesn't mean immediate rush to hospital or painful birth. Birth circumstances are usually not as dramatic as portrayed. Minimizing fear could simplify the process."

Detoxing Skin Treatments Work

“Detoxing treatments…… NO Sharon, “harmful chemicals” are not just going to ooze out of your face and feet if you use that mask… That’s not how the human body works at all damn!”

Wait Until 24 Hours To File A Missing Complaint

"You should report someone missing immediately, not after 24 hours. This could be vital in finding them if they've had an accident or got lost."

You Can’t Get STDs From Oral Stimulation

"Oral-genital activities can lead to STDs. Many women get digestive issues due to unprotected oral-genital stimulation and STDs at the free health clinic I work at."

You Can Target Fat On A Particular Place On Your Body

"You can't target fat loss on specific body parts," one says. Another adds, "If you could, there'd be many fat guys with six packs."

It’s An Offense To Rip The Tag Off Of Your Mattress

"It's a felony for stores and manufacturers to rip tags off new mattresses due to past recycling scandals. Once bought and the warranty expires, you are free to remove it."

If You Touch Baby Birds/Rabbits, Their Mothers Will Reject Them

"Contrary to myth, touching baby animals won't make their mothers reject them due to human scent. However, interfere only if necessary. If unsure, call a wildlife rehabilitator."

Halloween Candies May Contain Poison, Razor Blades, Or Even Drugs

"Evidence of poison or razor blades in Halloween candy is virtually non-existent, except for one recorded case." One person noted their mother's thorough checks on each candy they received. []

Cellar Spiders Are The Most Venomous In The World

"Daddy long legs, also known as cellar spiders, are viewed as highly venomous. This is a myth, as their fangs are too small to transfer venom. The term describes various non-venomous arachnids."

Ostriches Bury Their Heads When They’re Afraid

“Ostriches. Do not bury. Their heads. In the sand. If they’re afraid of something, they will run, kick, or bite. One of my biggest animal myth pet peeves.”

Doctors Shall Steal Your Organs If You’re An Organ Donor

"One believed doctors let you die to steal organs. My stepson thought EMS did the same. After arguing & highlighting the absurdity, he reconsidered, although still suspects hospital policy."

GMOs Are Bad For You

"GMOs aren't bad. We've been modifying organisms via breeding for ages. CRISPER is a sharper, sterilized version of this practice, not an obsidian dagger."

It’s Illegal To Turn On Your Car’s Dome Light While Driving At Night

"One said it's highly illegal to use the car's dome light while driving at night. Yet, some cars now have safe driving lights.", noted another.

Coca-Cola Invented The Tradition Of Santa Claus

"Coca-Cola just standardized Santa's red and white colors. Before that, he was often depicted in green, purple or blue too."

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