Couchsurfing Alternatives: 6 Websites for Authentic Connections and Unique Travel Experiences

Since 2004, assisted travellers with budget lodging and cultural connections, changing to a for-profit entity in 2011, raising $23M. However, attempts to introduce fees in 2016, followed by locking millions of profiles and a paywall in 2020, marred its reputation, prompting users to seek alternatives.


Couchers is a free Couchsurfing alternative addressing paywalls, safety, and technical issues. Pros include no membership fee and an active forum. Cons are a less feature-rich beta version and slow customer support. Mixed reviews highlight slow response times and the hosting experience. It doesn't draw the same response as Couchsurfing.

Bewelcome – For Backpackers

BeWelcome, a not-for-profit Couchsurfing alternative with 200,000+ global members. Pros: user-friendly, easy sign-up process, and free. Cons: flawed customer support and no blocking feature. Trustpilot reviews highlight support and safety issues, profile deletion complaints.

Trustroots – For Hitchhikers

Trustroots creates a community for travellers to connect and share experiences. They offer mobile support, free access, and a trusted core team. However, they have limited members and options outside Europe. Reviews note the platform's prevalence in Europe.

Warmshowers – For Cyclists

Warmshowers, a haven for cyclists, with 185,000 global users. Create a profile, find hosts, and share experiences. Pros: active forum, live podcast, better response rate for hosting. Cons: $30 one-time joining fee. According to a cycling forum, it's worth it.

Servas – For Promoting Peace Through Travel

Servas, an early hospitality exchange platform, fosters understanding via travel, connecting different regions and ethnicities globally. It's a safe platform with verified hosts and numerous global hosting options. However, the platform has a strict application process and isn't free. Reviews confirm its safety and community experiences. Joining fee depends on country of residence.

WWOOF – For Organic Farming Enthusiasts

"WWOOF, originally 'Working Weekends On Organic Farms' now stands for 'World-Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms'. Volunteers, or WWOOFers, work 4-6 hours daily on host farms for accommodation, food and learning opportunities. After registration, volunteers can directly connect with hosts. However, membership fees apply, and visa support is not provided by WWOOF hosts or organisation."