12 Quirky Frugal Habits Passed Down From Our Folks

Exploring 16 quirky, yet effective money-saving habits passed down in our families. From innovative savings to resourceful use of possessions, we learn valuable financial management lessons.

Shutting Lights Off Compulsively

Turning off lights, a habit learned from parents, saves energy and reduces environmental impact even with power-efficient LED bulbs. Despite advances in technology, it remains a beneficial practice.

Saving Plastic Bags And Ziplocks

Many learned to save ziplock bags from parents, despite eco-friendly alternatives. Reusable bags are durable, and silicone or glass containers are better for food storage.

3. Reusing Tinfoil

We've learned from our parents to reuse foil paper to save money and reduce waste. However, remember to be mindful of potential health risks associated with repeated use.

Putting Water To Get Last Bit Of The Sauce

We often learn to reduce waste by using tricks to extract the last bit of ketchup from bottles. A few methods involve adding water or storing the bottle upside down.

Collecting Buttons From Old Clothes

This frugal habit of collecting buttons from old garments, passed down generations, reflects a mindset of resourcefulness. It helps make use of materials and can come in handy for repairs.

Saving Wood Scrap

Our parents salvaged wood scraps from old furniture, construction sites, and discarded items for DIY projects or repairs. A frugal habit we can't seem to let go.

Saving All Nuts And Screws

We often collect nuts and screws from sources like old furniture for future repairs and DIY projects. They can also be used creatively in craft projects, as embellishments, educational tools for children.

Cutting Sponge

Learning to cut a sponge in half for cleaning from our parents saves money. Even if unnecessary now due to many resources, we continue this thrifty habit.

Outside Clothes vs. Home Clothes

We sort clothes into home and outside outfits; the newer, fancier ones for going out, worn-out or less stylish ones for home. This habit preserves our best clothes for special occasions.

Save Napkins From Everywhere Else

We started collecting napkins from eateries due to our parents' influence. Although needless and often unused, the habit persists.

Saving Bows From Presents

We often keep gift bows and packing paper, even if slightly damaged, to reuse later, saving on wrapping supplies. A habit learnt from our parents, it's resourceful and thoughtful.

Squeezing Toothpaste

We often squeeze every bit of toothpaste from the tube, a frugal habit learned from parents, saving money by reducing frequent purchases.