Thrifty Time Capsule: 16 Quirky Frugal Habits Passed Down from Our Folks

Frugality leads to security and contentment. Mindful spending helps save and achieve financial goals faster. Asked about inherited odd frugal habits from parents, the forum responses were relatable.

1. Shutting Lights Off Compulsively

"Since childhood, I've turned off lights when not in use; a habit from my parents. “I compulsively switch off lights; despite low energy consumption of LEDs, it won't impact my bill." a user shared.

2. Saving Plastic Bags And Ziplocks

" “I've always saved grocery plastic bags at home, despite knowing I'll never use them all,” shared a person."

3. Reusing Tinfoil

"43 people upvote reusing aluminum foil. Many others likely do the same. Related: 25 Most Desperate Things Done For Money"

4. Putting Water To Get Last Bit Of The Sauce

“Water in ketchup bottles, tomato sauce jars, even washing-up liquids to get every last bit – thanks, depression-era parents! A frugal habit we learned from them.” 10 Tips That Go Against All Frugal Advice, But Are Still Frugal

5. Collecting Buttons From Old Clothes

One user shared that their mom saved buttons from old clothes. Another user inherited jars of buttons and a box of elastics from their grandma, of which they kept a mug full of the best buttons.

6. Saving Wood Scrap

"Saving wood scraps for future projects. My workroom is full of various woods," shared a user. Related: Wood Crafts That Sell Well

7. Saving All Nuts And Screws

“Saving screws, nuts, bolts, etc., in hope of needing them,” said one. “My father is similar, despite living near a hardware store. They always come in handy,” added another.

8. Cutting Sponge

A user shared, “I cut kitchen sponges in thirds for less waste. They move from countertop, to sink, to toilet. My son does this too.”

9. Outside Clothes vs. Home Clothes

"A Redditor advised to change from outside clothes to home clothes upon returning home. This practice extends the life of outside clothes while enjoying comfort at home."

10. Save Napkins From Everywhere Else

A user shared, "I store extra drive-through napkins and doggie poop bags in my car’s glove compartment. Surprisingly, even without frequent drives, they've come in handy."

11. Saving Bows From Presents

“Saving bows and such from wrapped presents.” shared someone.

12. Wearing Pants Until It Has Holes

A user shared they keep wearing holey underwear and socks. Their foot even has 3 toes sticking out. This seems cheapstake.

13. Squeezing Toothpaste

"Squeezing toothpaste with a toothbrush handle," said one. A Reddit discussion on enduring frugal habits shows their value in saving money and promoting mindful spending.

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