15 Incredible Prime Day Hauls That Will Inspire Your Shopping Spree

Do you save on purchases via online events? Many find them beneficial for bagging great deals. We've curated responses about Prime Day and other events that made them affordable.


"My old Keurig died last week. Planned to buy a new one, got a Nespresso with 35% off on Prime Day. It's the first real score on a 'need' for me."


"I eyed a pricey computer. With the Prime Sale, I saved hundreds. I waited a year for a deal. Today, I decided to splurge."

Secondhand Patio Set For The Summer

"After a month, I bought a secondhand patio set for $300. It's not premium, but it's all I can afford. It'll let me enjoy the outdoors for now." 

Amazon Paper Towels And Toilet Paper

"Amazon's paper towels and toilet paper are at lowest prices ever! Sparkle is cheaper with Walmart sale if you have Walmart+."

Basic Kindle, S4 of Westworld HD, And A Trash Grabber

"Checked my lists on Prime Day. Got a Kindle @$65, Westworld S4 HD @$14.99, trash grabber @$13. 6% + extra 1% on card rewards for one-week delayed delivery."

Liquid LV

“After crapping on it I got some liquid LV since I needed it and it was $6 off because someone mentioned hydration deals.” 

Combination Robot And Mop Vacuum

“I got a combination robot and mop vacuum for $180 instead of $500.” 

Cat’s Water Fountain

“I was able to replace my cat’s water fountain with one of the same size but much cheaper. It JUST broke.”

Lego Razor Crest

“The Lego razor crest is 30% off, it’s a pretty good deal considering Lego’s sky-high prices.” 

Treadmill/Walking Pad

Found a budget-friendly treadmill that meets my needs, lower than ever on camelcamelcamel. Sales are great when you know what you want, but be aware of buying unnecessary items.

Blink Security Camera System

“We got a Blink security camera system we’ve had our eyes on/have had in our YNAB wish farm.  $249 instead of $629.  Winner winner!” 

Echo Dot Kids

Bought an Echo Dot Kids for $28 with a year of Amazon Kids+ subscription, half-off dishwasher pods, a Barbie for my daughter, and a 4 pack of AirTags for $57.

Echo Pop Smart Speaker

Signed up for Prime to watch a show. Started a free 30-day trial. Got an Echo Pop speaker for $17 and a new vacuum cleaner for $55 with cash back. Also bought craft storage boxes and marked down items. Spent around $100.

Husband’s Birthday Gift

“I got a great deal on my husband’s birthday gift. I knew its retail price and felt the discount was worth it. I passed on 2 items as they weren't on sale."

Technics Earbuds

“I got some Technics earbuds that were originally 249 bucks for 84.  Saved 6 bucks on a USB C. All I needed and wanted..so far.”

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