18 Things Men Find Fascinating and Confusing About Women

Men, find any aspect of women puzzling? A netizen recently asked what's most mysterious about women. Here are the top responses.

Their Eye For Fashion And Decor

“I’ll say their eye for fashion and decor. 90% of women I’ve ever met have a really good sense of style, both in clothing and making a home look nice.”

Their Attraction To The Male Body

“For the ones who like men, their attraction to the male body. As a guy, I don’t see what’s attractive about it. Y’all are weird.”

The Intensity Of Their Love

“Whether my wife, when she expresses her love for me if her love is as deep/durable as I mean when I express my own for her.”

Ability To Notice Changes In Minor Details

“How they immediately notice changes in minor details, and how they can spot an item I am searching for nearly instantly.”

Their level of self-awareness

One noted “Our self-awareness level.” Another added, “So much that therapy sessions are just me discussing my problems, with my therapist nodding.”

Their Energy

"Their energy, aura, and natural femininity drive me crazy. It's not just hot, but beautiful and mysterious. Can you feel it too?"

Their Love For Emotional Movies

“How they love to watch movies that make them feel intense emotions, ugly cry. I can’t understand how that is cathartic in any way. Talk it out.”

Their Obsession Over Unrealistic Beauty Standards

"I've stopped trying to understand why women self-impose unrealistic beauty standards. They support an industry preying on their insecurities. Have I met a truly comfortable woman?"

The Unwillingness To Express What They Want Clearly

“Why can they always tell me EXACTLY what they don’t want, but never what they do want? Just make a request!”

Their Ability To Stay Sane During Periods

“How you have a reportedly debilitating condition several days a month and just go along like nothing’s happened.”

Their Desire To Be Heard

“That they share problems ‘to be heard,’ and not to fix them.”

Nightly Medical Problems

"Continuous health issues from headaches to allergies. She even self-diagnosed with GERD. I feel like a doctor at this point."

Their Communication

"Most women are emotional in communication. For guys, it tends to be direct. Even after a great date, she may hesitate to meet again. If you text too much, you're desperate, if not, you're a jerk. I've yet to understand women."

Their Expectations For Others To Be Able To Read Their Minds

"Why do they think others can read their minds? They voice no desires, yet resent others for not understanding. Some even say, 'They should just know' as if others have magic powers."

Tendency to Over-Discuss Problems Instead of Seeking Solutions

“How they will spend 45 minutes talking about a problem with no intention of trying to solve said problem or even hear potential solutions to said problem.”

Their Ability To Turn A House Into A Home

" Transforming a house into a home is truly an art. When living with a partner, it feels like a home. I hope to master this."

Their Discrimination Towards Men

"They ask for equality but don't treat men equally. I'm tired from work, yet a lady expects me to give up my seat."

Their Inability To Take Responsibility

"Troubled by their refusal to own up to actions. Intrigued why guys showing feelings are unattractive, maybe viewed as feminine?"

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