17 Unsung Methods To Save A Lot of Money

Minor tweaks in spending can result in big savings over time. It's key to pinpoint habits that help reach financial goals. A user asked about habits that saved the most money. Here are top ones:

1. Calculate Money In Hours Worked

'As a young, hourly-paid worker, I determine purchases by equating them to hours worked. It discourages frivolous spending.' get paid by the hour. Related: Best Weekend Jobs To Make Money

2. Find A Cheaper Alternative

'I used to equate movie expenses with work hours. Before Netflix, the cinema cost 3 work hours while home movies cost 1.'

3. DIY Or Doing Things On Your Own

'Using the internet to learn and DIY instead of hiring a professional.' 'When something breaks, I think "can I fix it?" or "can I do without it?" I've saved a ton of money on various repairs.'

4. Drinking Water

'Drinking water improved my health and saved money,' one said. Another chimed in, 'Spending on alcohol at bars is a guilt trip. You can waste a lot of money.' Related: 25 People Share The Most Desperate Thing They Did For Money

5. Using the Library

'Use the library for books and DVDs', 'Check Amazon for books, then check the local library, avoid buying', 'Use library online for free ebooks - no late fees' shared users.

6. Haggling

'In my mid-30s, I've saved $100k by negotiating on big purchases and job offers. It's more pleasant than single ply TP.'

7. Avoid Using Cars

'Riding my bike saved me about $500 in gas. Bicycling daily cut my fuel bill in half to $90 every 2 weeks.'

8. Thrift Store

'Secondhand clothing saves me a lot. I spend $50 a month for my baby instead of hundreds,' shares one. 'I haven’t spent more than $50 in the last 4 years for my 3 kids. We have too many clothes,' shares another. Related: Sell On OfferUp

9. Meal Planning

'Me and the Mrs created 24 weekly meal plan sets to save money, varying our diet,' shared one. 'I’ve created a tool where you input food preferences and dietary rules; it generates meal plans, including saving-oriented ones,' shared another. HTML link

10. Not Going For Big Brands

'Not buying name brand, comparing ingredients to see if it's worth the extra money', says one. 'At Whole Foods, store brand 365 is often the generic version of the best company offered on the same shelf,' shares a Whole Foods employee. 'Make coffee at home instead of Starbucks or Coffee Bean,' advises another.

11. Building Up Savings

'Pay myself first. I put $1500 in the bank as soon as I get paid,' says one. 'I put $200 every 2 weeks into my checking account linked to my debit card. I get $100/week for random expenses,' shared another. 'I transfer set amount of pay to my savings account for bills only,' says another.

12. Extra Payments On Mortgage

'Making extra mortgage payments cuts years and $10,000's off the total,' said one. Related: Man Refuses Job & Rent, Upset When Dad Calls It Out

13. Spending Only Cash

‘Trying to only spend cash. Swiping the card is too easy and you end up hemorrhaging money, nickel-and-dime-ing yourself to death’ said one.

14. Budgeting

‘Also- taking 10 minutes out of the beginning of each week/month to budget, then ATTEMPTING to adhere to it.” shared another.

15. Cooking

'Make food at home,' one shared. They suggested planning meals, exploring diverse ingredients, and reducing waste. 'You can make $100 dinners for $15 with careful planning. Add a movie and a homemade pastry for a great night in.'

16. Quit Smoking or Drugs

'My family spends up to $40 weekly on smoking packs,' shares one. 'I quit after realizing the cost and cancer risk,' says another. Related: 13 Unattractive Habits.

17. Spending On Games

'World of Warcraft ($15/month) saved me for years,' says gamer. Enjoy the Reddit Discussion about money-saving habits.

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