16 Dead Giveaways That Your Relationship Will NOT Last Long

Relationship longevity can be marked by indicators. Questioning, "What signals a brief lifespan for couples?" has yielded uncannily accurate responses.

Talking To Each Other In Nasty, Snappy Tones

“Observe how couples talk when alone. After my divorce, I noticed couples being harsh to each other. Ten years later, those couples are divorced now."

Creating Uncomfortable Atmosphere

“When both make the atmosphere so uncomfortable when you are in their house.”

Walking On Eggshells Around Your Partner

" If you're 'walking on eggshells' around your partner, fearing tensions if you voice disagreements or opinions, it's a problem."

When One Person Wants To ‘Fix’ The Other

“When one person wants to ‘fix’ the other. If your relationship is a repair project, you didn’t fall in love with who they are. You fell in love with what you want them to be.”

Having Strongly Conflicted Future Plans

“If they have strongly conflicted plans for their future. Either means they’ll break up eventually or one or both of them will end up in an unhappy compromise.”

Constantly On Break Up/Patch Up Mode

“Breaking up every few minutes and then back together again.”

When Everyone Else Think It’s A Bad Idea

"Witnessed a family oppose a wedding. A month in, a spouse stayed at their mom's due to a fight. They were engaged after a failed break-up attempt."

Controlling Each Other

“If one or both of the people are controlling over the other.”

Lack Of Communication

"Lack of communication leads to screaming, exploding & shutting off communications during disagreements. It hinders resolving issues constructively."

Disagreements Getting Converted Into Arguments

"Disagreements don't always end in arguments. My partner and I debate, sometimes even agree. Agreeing 100% would be odd."

Contempt Over Your Partner’s Feelings

At a party, I asked a veteran marriage counselor the top sign a couple won't last. She quickly replied 'If one shows contempt for the other's feelings, it's over!'.

Toxic Methods Of Conflict Resolution

“If your conflict resolution method is either screaming and insults or completely shutting down.”

Too Many Calculations

“When you start calculating how much you give and receive in a relationship.”

Need Social Media Validation

Excessive posts look like you're proving your relationship due to insecurity.

Tattoos Of Each Other’s Names

“I knew a guy who had an ex-wife’s name on his arm. When he got married, he just had it covered up in larger letters with his new wife’s name. It looked terrible.”

When It All Starts With Cheating

"Starting a relationship with someone who cheated on their last partner often ends in more cheating. It's not wise to trust someone proven unfaithful."

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