16 Cheap Things That’re Actually Useful

Ever pondered how small things can enrich your life? A user asked: "What cheap item improves life quality?" Here are the top choices:

1. Microwave Splatter Cover

“I received a microwave splatter cover as a Christmas present. I heard it was bought at a dollar store. It’s my most valued, most often used gift of many years.”

2. Dental Floss

"I started flossing daily instead of every two weeks due to a comment from my hygienist. The improvement in my teeth and gums is remarkable. A 30 second task made a huge difference."

3. Binder Clip

"Binder clips: useful for sealing chip bags, anchoring picnic tablecloths, and posting reminders. I keep them everywhere, even in my car."

4. Cheap Organizational Containers

“Use cheap organizational containers to save space and time by allocating office supplies, make-up, food, etc. to different stacked boxes.”

5. Humidifier

"The diffuser from Five Below humidifies small spaces, diffuses essential oils making the room smell incredible. It made my dorm smell like roses and the rainbow light built in enhanced the ambience. In dry, cold states, a <$20 humidifier from Amazon is a great investment."

6. Growing Vegetables

“Growing my vegetables. Getting out in fresh air and working in it. Frees my mind and helps me relax. Plus is fresh vegetables.”

7. Whiteboards

“A whiteboard. It’s hung inside my front door and great for making to-do lists and leaving notes for my housemate when we’re working opposite shifts.”

8. Shoe Organizer

"Clear door hanging shoe organizer aids in storage and organization. Ideal for ADHD as it helps maintain order, avoids losing small items, and reduces stress. Bonus for labels."

9. Shoe Insoles

"Shoe insoles cured my foot pain! I have high arches and walk a lot for work. It's amazing how such a small thing made such a big difference."

10. Fans

“Fans. When the house is hot and the outside is cool, a window fan can vent the heat out fast. In winter, the fan move warm afternoon air in.”

11. No Soda

“Drinking water, lol no sodas or carbonated beverages. My teeth, gut, and overall health are a bit grateful.”

12. De-Icer Spray

"De-icer spray- a magic elixir that instantly melts ice. At about $6, it's rarely needed but absolutely worth it."

13. Training To Use Toilet

“Training your cat to use the toilet. I have not bought litter in over a decade. The only upfront cost was a city kitty training kit.”

14. Homemade Bread

"Homemade bread is cheaper, healthier and tastier. I source ideas from Pinterest and listen to personalized playlists on YouTube, despite the ads."

15. White Vinegar

"White vinegar: cleans cat pee, glass, serves as fabric softener and unclogs drains. Costs around $4 for a big jug. The smell vanishes."

16. Bidet

"Bidet. $30 for lasting cleanliness. End the struggle with endless, messy wipes and fear of running out of toilet paper. Improve and simplify your hygiene. Best $30 spent."

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