16 Toxic Societal Expectations That Stifle Women’s True Potential

Traditional gender roles perpetuate harmful views of women, often objectifying them and limiting opportunities. A netizen asked, "What's the most toxic expectation of women?" Responses were wild!

They’re The Source Of Emotional Comfort

“That women were the source of emotional comfort. Women didn’t really want sexual intimacy; they only ‘offered it’ to men if we were nice/kind/attractive enough.”

Romance Happens Magically When You Befriend A Woman

"I naively thought befriending a woman would lead to romance without expressing it. Grateful I moved past that."

Women Must Look After Us Like Our ‘Moms’

"I had a toxic expectation of women taking care of me, much like my mom did. It used to feel like misogyny, but I've grown and understand that relationships should be balanced and equal."<

Women Must Be Bubbly & Chirpy All The Time

"In high school, the 'most attractive' girl seemed aloof. Now I realize she was likely introverted. Society unfairly expects women to always be bubbly."

Men Need To Provide For Women

"I felt I needed to be a super-human for women, solving all their problems. When they merely wanted to be alone or needed a listener, I felt rejected and worthless. If my suggestions failed, my self-worth plummeted."

They Make Men Full & Complete

"Loving myself was the solution to my depression, not solely depending on external love. While hearing clichés about loving oneself felt fallacious, losing a great love made me realize I was tired of my old patterns and pain. I chose to be better. I’m done being 'SadGuy'."

Women Aren’t Independent

"I was a nerd, didn't date until college. Relationships meant constant 'us' time. Then I met an independent woman, unlike any other. Messed up due to past relationship issues. Her independence was eye-opening. Wonder what could've been, she was awesome."

Women Should Look A Certain Way

"I caused insecurity in my ex by not accepting her choice to have a buzz cut. This, combined with her depression and low self-esteem, hurt her deeply. I'm now working on being more accepting."

Women Are Supposed To Be Stay-At-Home Wives

At 8/9, I wanted a stay-at-home wife & envisioned being the sole provider. My mom quickly corrected me.

Women Must Cook Well

"I grew up where cooking was a daily delight. Home and good food were synonymous - it became a part of me. The best welcome is a homemade dinner."

Women Are Angels

“Women aren’t angels, goddesses, or anything other than people and like all people, some of them are awesome, and some seemingly crawled out of the darkest depths of hell.” 

Women Are Physically Inferior To Men

"Women are far from inferior. Carrying and birthing a child is astounding. I tire of chores & can quit, but pregnancy doesn't offer that luxury. It's non-stop work for almost a year, and we all exist because of this."

Women Are Manipulative, Abusive, And Nasty

"I initially thought all women were manipulative and abusive. But growing up, I learned behavior varies amongst all demographics. Not even cruelty or kindness is owed to anyone in this world."

Women Are Our Therapists

"Learned that relying on a girlfriend for emotional sanity is selfish. Relationships should complement, not complete me. I should first work on myself."

Emotional Reciprocity

"Emotional synchronicity suggests if you feel love, she should too. If your feelings aren't mirrored, it means her love isn't strong enough."

Women Must Have A Certain Body Type

"I had unrealistic body expectations for women in my past. I realized it was wrong and discovered self-growth. Now, I'm happily married to a woman who also has her own ideal body. Quite ironic."

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