16 Eye-Opening Bible Facts Most People Are Unaware Of

Bible's depth is often unknown to many religious people. Here are top responses to a forum question, "What's something most don't know about the Bible?"


“Crucifixion is said to be the worst pain imaginable. That is why we have the word ‘excruciating,’ which derives from the Latin word crux or cruces.”


“Cain and Abel had a brother named Seth, and no one cared about him.”


“The Bible doesn’t say that ‘money is the root of all evil.’ It says, ‘The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.'”


"Not all Pharisees opposed Jesus. Some mentioned in the New Testament were hypocritical, but others defended Him. Paul may have remained a Pharisee post-conversion."


"Story highlights Abimelech, hit by a rock from a woman. Dying, he requested his servant to kill him to avoid the tag of being killed by a girl. 9:52-54."


“The Book of Esther doesn’t mention God by name. Neither does Song of Songs.”


"‘Go the extra mile’ is Jesus's call to resist oppression by exceeding expectations, a protest against Roman soldiers' abuse. It's about reclaiming dignity and power. Jesus stands with the oppressed, challenging our Bible interpretations.


"Moses & the Jews wandered in the desert for 40 years, not due to being lost, but to wait out the generation demanding a return to slave life in Egypt. Due to God's anger, even Moses didn't enter the promised land."


Mary Magdalene was not a courtesan, often mixed up with an unnamed 'sinner'. There is confusion between her and Mary of Bethany, who anointed Jesus with her hair. A 'sinful woman' from the city, assumed to be a courtesan, also washed Jesus's feet. Mary Magdalene, cleared of seven demons, is mentioned in various contexts including frequenting Jesus and his disciples. She's often mixed up with other Marys in the Bible.


"The 10 Plagues in Exodus target Egyptian gods, from turning the Nile to blood, casting darkness (like killing sun god Ra), to slaughtering lambs. It directly attacked symbolic animal gods and declared divine power over Egyptian gods by inflicting diseases. The final plague profoundly struck Pharaoh by killing his son."


"Schechem raped Dinah then proposed marriage. Dinah's brothers said they'd agree if all Schechem's men were circumcised. They agreed, were attacked and killed while recovering."


"In the prodigal son tale, the father's run to greet his returning son—a taboo act for men—illustrates God's boundless love, mirroring the father's unrestrained love for his son."


“The only breed of dog named in the bible is the Greyhound.”


"Genesis 6:4 about Nephilim being sons of God, fathers of heroes, resonates with me, also due to my fondness for Diablo."


"The story of Lot involves God warning him about an incoming disaster, his wife turning into salt, and his daughters' incest with him (Genesis 19:31-32). Most didn't die, just one city."


"The New Testament has 10x more surviving manuscripts than the Iliad, and all are more accurate, making the Bible the best-preserved book."

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