15 Effortless Ways To Help Someone Do Their Job Better

Internet user asks how to help people in their jobs. Suggestions include: pre-stacking plates for waiters, using exact change for cashiers, placing trash thoughtfully for sanitation workers, consulting police for safety. We compiled top 16 replies.

Surgical Tech In An Operating Room

"Surgical Tech warns: Don't eat or drink before surgery, it’s not worth the risk of aspiration pneumonia. If you use drugs, tell the anesthesiologist. It's about drug interaction, not judgement."

Locomotive Engineer

Engineer warns: don't risk beating the train or bypass gates. Hold your kid's hand at stations & don't jump in front of trains. We suffer too. Trauma leaves aren't paid.


"Custodian, please poop in the toilet," one advised. "My boyfriend the school custodian faces dreadful experiences. But I appreciate everything you do," another gratefully acknowledged.


"Firefighter/Paramedic. Before calling 911, consider if it's quicker & cheaper to go to the hospital. Pull right for flashing lights. Maintain a fire extinguisher & CO/smoke detector per room."


"Nurse: Stop lying about your medical history at hospital and know your medications. If you can't remember them all, bring them in original containers. Don’t take home pills while in hospital."

Full-Time Programmer

"I'm a programmer; detailed info helps us help you. Occasionally, I host dating events. Look keen and don't treat it like a work meeting."

Baggage Handler For An Airline

"I'm an airline baggage handler. Don't overpack or poorly secure your bags, they burst open daily. We notice you watching us from upstairs, some even take pictures."


"Lifeguards can't chit-chat when the pool is busy. Regular lap swimmers, sharing lanes is common courtesy. Parents, watch your kids closely. I once saved a kid unnoticed by his mom for 10 minutes."

Dish Room Worker

"Working in a campus dish room, a simple 'Thank you' as diners hand in their trays makes our day. Acknowledging our existence matters."

Pizza Delivery

"Ensure money's ready, doorbell works, and lights are on for pizza delivery. Surprised at how many dysfunctional doorbells there are."

DNA Paternity Tester

"DNA Paternity tester offers two tips: 1. Avoid unprotected intercourse. 2. For testing, bring your child if any. Don't forget!"

Security Guard

"Just a security guard working 8 hrs to earn a living. Dreams, brains, and feelings exist behind this uniform. If I ask you to comply, it's for safety, not power games. Don't depreciate my role. Thanks!"


"I'm a bartender. Respect my rules; don't hassle over ID or free doubles, especially with your tenth jager bomb."

Customer Service

"Customer service: Don't be a jerk. Being nice encourages service reps to go beyond the minimum."


"Accountant - Fill out your form fully, no extra info needed. Also, bring that folder I made, it has everything needed."

Department Store Shelf Stocker

"As a store stocker, stop leaving items far from their original location. Why leave dining plates from housewares in groceries? Just stop."

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