15 Things People Do To Save Money That’s Unethical

Having a desire to save money is universal, but our methods may end up costing more. Chasing apparent deals or avoiding needed expenses can backfire.

The Laundry Machines Scam

A user found out that their laundry machines accept 20 Euro cent coins instead of $2, reducing cost from $4 to about 50 cents.

The Eternal Employee Benefits

Sometimes, employee discounts remain active after leaving a job due to system errors or policy choices. Using these discounts can be unethical or illegal, so it's best to clarify with the former employer. A user noted, "I never got removed from an employee discount at a job I left almost seven years ago. I get 25% off my phone and internet monthly."

The Fake Name Move

Using a fake name is unethical and risk getting caught. Be authentic always. A user mentioned using "Cornelius Origami" on IOU slips though it wasn't their real name.

The Senior Citizen Makeshift

Buying senior tickets without qualifying denies genuine deals and strains theaters. One user advises, "Buy Senior tickets online, print at work. Doorman doesn't check. Save $2/ticket!"

The Walmart Deal

Requesting a Walmart employee discount at hotels without being an employee is unethical, involving misrepresentation and exploitation. [source]

The Student Discounts Hack

"I use student discounts even though I'm not a student. Another graduated in 2013 but their ID doesn't expire until 2018. It's detrimental to actual students and promotes entitlement."

The Napkin Theft

Stealing Chipotle napkins raises costs, harms ecological balance, and erodes ethics. Respect property for common good. Quotes reveal some resort to theft for personal use.

The McDonalds Straws Trick

A user recalls using McDonald's straws to make free calls from payphones. Despite motivation, this is unethical.

The Gay Disguise

A man fakes being gay with his friend for a cheaper gym membership. They register as a couple, raising the manager's suspicion. The act is deemed unethical, exploiting a discount meant for genuine couples, mocking the LGBTQ+ community, and affecting the gym's profit.

The Beach Hotel Story

A user recalls sneaking into a hotel top floor brunch as kids. They also exploited a lax guest policy to use another hotel's pool. Such actions are unethical, unfair to paying guests, and harm the hotel. Respect rules. [click]

The Paid Subscription Gang

Using friends' Netflix, Hulu Plus subscriptions etc. may seem convenient but can harm relationships by freeloading off their generosity. Find ethical ways to access entertainment instead.

The Food Loot

A user confesses to exploiting his friend's burger job at a gas station chain for free food, feeding many friends on small orders. This unethical act could have risked his friend's job and cost the restaurant.

The Extra Bacon Scheme

A user says, “When I get the cooked breakfast from the canteen at work, you’re allowed five items. I always take extra bacon and hide it under the beans. That’s free Bacon.”

The Birthday Freebie Stunt

A user suggests signing up to a preferred restaurant's mailing list two weeks prior to visiting and setting their birthday as the visit day to earn freebies.

The License Plate Ploy

A user's girlfriend uses a dealer plate to avoid tolls for 2.5 years. Not having proper plates is illegal, incurs fines, potential impoundment and theft charges. This undermines the fairness of infrastructure payments.

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