15 Insider Tricks to Bypass Tourist Traps, Unlock Hidden Gems, and Travel Like a Local

Discover easy travel with tips from experienced globetrotters: smart packing, money saving and more. User recently asked for best travel hacks, here are top 15 responses.

Don’t Call And Cancel Your Hotel Bookings….Instead, DO This

"I book travel for work. If plans change, don't cancel the hotel reservation against their policy. Instead, move it to next week. They usually allow alterations. Later, cancel the 'new' reservation."

Take A Bump If Possible

"Consider taking a flight bump if flexible; there are often financial incentives and potential upgrades. If an extra night stay is required, airlines provide hotel accommodation. This sometimes results in direct flights, reducing overall travel time."

Make Friends With Locals & Save Important Phone Numbers

"Befriend a local ASAP for a 90% easier experience. Remember important local phone numbers too, like police, KFC, etc."

Don’t Give A Damn Unnecessarily

"The key is not caring about delays, lost bags, or wrong directions. Let it be an adventure. Even if your trip strays from the plan, it's still awesome."

Leave US On Thanksgiving

Leave the US on Thanksgiving for cheaper international flights. In one instance, ticket prices fell from $1200 to $550. Make use of this American holiday.

Don’t Book Your Seat Next To That Of Your Companion If You’re Flying Coach

When flying coach, select aisle and window seats, leaving the mid seat empty. It's likely others won't pick it. If the flight isn't full, you'll get a row together. If someone takes the mid seat, ask to switch so you sit together. No one prefers a middle seat.

Click A Picture Of The Name Of The Place Every Time You Visit Somewhere

"Take your first photo of a place's name when you visit. It'll help remember later where each photo was taken."

Take Just One Power Adaptor Along With A Powerboard

“You only need to take one power adaptor (converter) and instead take a powerboard or two! Much cheaper and you end up with more sockets for all your electronics!”

Zoom In On Google Maps And Leave The Application Running

"Tip for traveling abroad without cellular data: Ensure Google Maps is fully loaded when you have wifi. Don't quit the app, and GPS can be used without data. Preloaded maps will show details like street names."

Keep Important Documents/Money In An Empty Shampoo Bottle

“Put important documents/money in an empty shampoo bottle when you aren’t using them. If someone breaks into your room, they aren’t going to steal shampoo.” 

Bring Some Little Trinkets With You

"Bring local trinkets from home to make friends & show respect. Giving culture helps to gain culture."

Buy A Diaper Bag

“Buy a diaper bag for photography equipment. They’re cheaper, waterproof, and nobody steals a diaper bag.”

Rent An Apartment Instead Of A Hotel Room

"Rent an apartment for stays longer than a week. It provides a kitchen, realistic city experience and is often cheaper than a hotel."

Camp In The National Forests

“I camp for free in the National Forests. If I have to stay in a hotel I always use Priceline express deals, they’re usually 40% off.”

Pick AirBnB Over Regular Hotels

"AirBnB is cheaper than hotels and you meet intriguing people. It's like upscale couch surfing. I've traveled continents using AirBnB without any issues; it offers unique experiences unavailable in hotels."

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