17 Things That Become More and More Annoying with Age

As interests change over time, we leave old hobbies for new experiences. A user asked, "What are you disliking more with age?" See people's responses:

1. Being Contactable

"Expected to be available 24/7; a 'friend' called 16x despite being busy with work and my dad's Alzheimer's. Not friends anymore–he pushed me over the edge."

2. Functioning On Less Sleep

Struggling with low sleep, my body can’t handle it like in younger years. Used to manage with 5-6h on weekdays, now need more, even naps. Aging has changed my sleep patterns.

3. Rearranged Grocery Store

"When they rearrange the grocery store it makes no sense, I buy less as I can't find my pesto." Read: 21 Things You’re Saying That Make People Dislike You Instantly

4. Pricing Structures

“Hate sneaky pricing! 'Free' items, varying gas prices, concert tickets & car costs all hiding true cost. Just show me the total price upfront!”

5. Memories

"Memories of past actions sometimes trigger shame or longing. Reflecting on what I'm not still doing." Read: 18 Things Pandemic Ruined Without You Noticing.

6. Noise

“In the past few years, I developed a snap-rage response to things like booming stereos and loud exhaust.” “I agree; my sensitivity to noise has increased.”

7. Fear of Losing

“My parents are also getting older, and the fear of losing them soon terrifies me.” Read: 17 Places That’re Popular For Travel But is NOT Worth Visiting Even Once

8. Driving

“Driving at night, headlights are too bright, and I can’t see anything.”

9. Facebook or Social Media

“Facebook. It can go burn now for all I care.” “All of the social media.” Read: Strange but True: 10 European Habits That Leave Americans Scratching Their Heads

10. People

"I don't hate people, I'm happier when alone. The current ridiculousness gives me a headache. I'll mind my business, you mind yours."

11. Hustle

"The concept of needing to "hustle" for a decent life is abhorrent. It implies sacrificing quality of life to earn a living. The only "hustle" I acknowledge is from my sports days."

12. Getting Sick

"Getting sick was fun as a kid, but miserable as an adult. Still gotta work. Read: 10 Endangered Jobs"

13. Lack of Courtesy

"Basic discourtesy and rudeness irk me. Mean behavior towards retail and service workers, running red lights or forgetting simple courtesies. Lessons on decency from preschool, Mr. Rogers, and Sesame Street seem forgotten."

14. Being Up Late

"Wish parties started at 2pm, ended at 10pm. No more late nights for me, can't do it anymore lol."

15. Gossip

"I used to enjoy chatting, but now it's irritating navigating unresolved issues." Read: 12 Traits Women Find “Creepy”

16. Helplessness

"Intentional helplessness is frustrating. Some adults prefer to pay 10x more for solutions instead of googling. If 'X' isn't working, seek online help. You’re 45; I know you’ve plugged in a device once."

17. Music

Modern music lacks nuance, revolving more around AI-produced melodies, with singers and bands having little significance. Listen to pre-2000 songs and recent ones with good headphones for a clear comparison.

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