Wedding Etiquette Blunders: What Not to Do as a Guest

Weddings are filled with joy, laughter, and love. However, remember your behavior as a guest can affect the overall vibe. Avoid common etiquette blunders for a smooth experience.

Announcing Your Divorce

Divorce announcements at weddings are seen as offensive as they overshadow the couple's joy and disrespect guests. An example: "My grandfather announced his divorce at my parents' wedding."

Having A Tequila Drinking Contest

Tequila drinking contests can lead to intoxication and create unpleasant incidents. One user shared their mom's embarrassing experience at a wedding party.

Coming Out Of The Closet

Coming out at a wedding can cause discomfort and steal focus. Choose a better time to share personal news. One user shared an experience where unexpected revelations hijacked his special day.

Cheating With The Best Man

A man shares a story of witnessing the groom from another wedding discover his bride cheating with his best man - a shocking betrayal of trust.

Holding The Food Hostage

"A user recounts their wedding caterer's attempt to extort more money for already paid food. This breached trust and caused stress, disrupting the celebration."

Letting Your Kids Throw Tantrums

Kids' tantrums at weddings spoil the celebration and reflect poorly on parents. A user recalls a 9-year-old throwing a fit at a wedding and funeral for the same reason.

Wearing A White Dress

Wearing a white dress to a wedding can be considered disrespectful by upstaging the bride, since it traditionally symbolizes her purity and status. Comments from individuals highlight this issue.

Informing The Bride About Minor Hitches

"Letting the bride in on every wedding mishap can add stress to her day, disrupting her mood. As one user shared, complaints like a buffet shortage should be solved by someone else."

Harassing The Soundboard Staff

Harassing soundboard staff for songs disrupts their work and adds unnecessary stress. A user recalls frequent interruptions at weddings for requests like the Cha-cha slide, despite a pre-set playlist.

Sharing Embarrassing Incidents About The Bride/Groom

"Don't share inappropriate stories about the bride/groom at their wedding. This can cause embarrassment or discomfort, ruining their special day. Prioritise their feelings and celebrate joyously."

Jumping In Front Of The Photographer With Your Cell Phone

Avoid disrupting professional photographers at weddings by not jumping in with your cell phone. The couple paid for quality images without interruptions. A user says, "If a pro is there, get out of the way. Your cell phone and its flash only mess up the lighting."

Bringing A Child To A Child-Free Wedding

Child-free weddings maintain the ceremony's serenity. Children can disrupt the flow, detract from the couple's vision, and cause resentment among guests. A user recalls having their child-free wedding disrupted by a couple bringing their baby, leading to tension among guests.

Being Underdressed

Being underdressed for a wedding shows lack of effort. As one user remarks, "If you can't dress up for a wedding, what do you dress up for?"

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