15 Things People Are Sick of Hearing

Irritating phrases, often unsolicited advice or insensitive comments, keep us wondering why they're repeatedly used when they're hurtful and unproductive.

Stop Thinking About It

Advice like this invalidates your feelings and simplifies your struggles, due to others' emotional discomfort or ignorance. Someone said, "‘Just stop thinking about it’ when anxious! Never thought of it."

Eat More And Exercise To Grow Taller

Harmful myths about height can damage self-esteem, particularly for teens with body image issues. As one user said, “Eating more/exercising won't make me taller. I’m 4’11” for life.”

You Should Smile More

People link smiles to positivity, overlooking human emotions' diversity. One user stated, "Being a female in retail, the moment I don't smile, unwanted comments start."

You Look Like A Child

An ageist comment dismissed a user's maturity, saying they "looked 12" despite being over the US legal drinking age.

Your Hands Keep Shaking

Shaking hands can worsen anxiety and self-consciousness. One user with essential tremor wishes people were more understanding, rather than assuming stress, disease, or suggesting cures. They want candid, polite queries about their condition.

Don’t Eat Candy Because You’re Diabetic

Stereotypes can make diabetics feel misunderstood A user shared, “Don’t restrict my sweet intake. Sometimes my sugar drops & Snickers bars are better than bad-tasting glucose tablets.”

Things Could’ve Been Worse

The phrase "it could be worse" can belittle someone's struggles, making their pain feel insignificant. It fails to recognize the reality of their experience. A user expressed, "It could be better, too."

You’re Too Sensitive

Labels can be hurtful and invalidating, leading to misunderstanding and judgment. A user mentioned feeling over-sensitive and misunderstood when standing up for themselves.

Ignore Them

"Just ignore them" advice can often be harmful. "No, Ms. Teacher, without action, it never stops!"

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Despite the saying, "money doesn't buy happiness", having more could ease life and provide opportunities for joy A user added, “It is naive to believe that money wouldn't make life easier, hence happier.”

How Are You Going To Get Married With All The Tattoos?

Tattoos don't hinder marriage or traditions, but reflect self-expression. One user argued, "Why would I wed someone who dislikes my tattoos?”

Everything Happens For A Reason

"Everything happens for a reason" often lessens pain of loss, offering minimal support. A user commented, "People are just weird; that's the reason."

Your Time To Reproduce Has Come

This statement ignores personal choices, with a user adding, "Start having children, it's life's meaning. Your life is worthless without parenting."

It’s God’s Plan

"Even bad things happen for a divine purpose," implies a lack of support in hardship. One grieving user questioned: "Was it God's plan for her to die amid world's evil? Either there's no God or s/he isn't benevolent."

Lose Some Weight

"The phrase 'you'd be prettier if you lost weight' can be hurtful, attempt at concern or not. It's judgmental and unhelpful." As one user noted, “You’re so pretty; you’d be even prettier if you just lost some weight.”

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