15 “Unmanly” Things Every Man Should Try Atleast Once

Gender stereotypes hinder growth and self-esteem. Internet user asked: "What should every man try, despite being labeled 'unmanly'? Here are top suggestions!


“Not sure if it counts but a woman I work with was surprised I had a vegetable garden. She said she thought I was ‘a manly man’.”


"A friend was discouraged from a cooking class by his mom for being 'girly'. Cooking isn't girly, but a life skill. Imagine surviving on boiled eggs in college?"

Fruity Mocktails

"Drink what you want. Passion fruit mojito? It's tasty, order it. Ignore nonsense, it takes a real man to enjoy a girly drink confidently", patrons said.

Skin Care Routine

“Apply creams, moisturizers, and/or sunblock. Your skin will age, better take care of it.”

Being The Little Spoon

"I enjoy being the little spoon. It's fun as a guy to be hugged from behind," a user admitted. The struggle is real when you tower over others.

Expressing Your Love For Your Friends

“Telling your friends you love them. If you deeply care about them, that’s love. Let your friends know they are loved.”

Peel Off Face Masks

“Peel off the face mask. They’re so fun, it’s like when you used to let glue dry on your hand and peel it off. Except it’s on your face and smells like cucumbers.”

Going To The Spa

“Going to the spa. Man or woman, we all deserve to be pampered every once in a while.”

Shaving Your Legs

"Shaved my legs for Halloween once. Bedsheets and my lady's smooth legs felt great. Hair regrowth, not so good. Nice for a few days."

Buying Flowers For Yourself

"Bought flowers for myself to spruce up the kitchen for guests. Faced ridicule from cashier when I said the flowers were for me. Absolutely ridiculous."

Taking A Bath With Friends

“Take a bath with my friends. With bubbles, candles, and bath bombs. I feel like a new man afterwards.”

Hugging A Dude

"My best friend and I bond over any topic at our monthly meals. People misunderstood our chemistry for a romantic relationship."

Occasional Crying Sessions

“Crying can feel like emotional vomiting; a way to process stress and pain. It doesn't lessen life's challenges, but helps get through them. I highly recommend a good cry when needed."

Scented Shampoos

“Scented shampoos. My wife got this stuff that has tea tree, lemon and hemp in it and OMG! Best shower ever. I come out feeling like a new person.”

Peeing Sitting Down

"Peeing standing up splatters everywhere, even with stealth-pee on the rim. Sit to reduce bathroom cleaning frequency."<

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