15 Surefire Signs To Tell If Someone Is Stupid

Intelligence isn't fixed, but certain traits could hint at over-inflated self-perceived smarts. A netizen asked the 'tell signs of stupidity'. See the amusing responses below.

When They Never Say “I Don’t Know”

"They can't admit when they lack answers. The foolish never admit ignorance. The smarter you are, more aware you are of what you don't know."

When They Keep Honking In Traffic Jams

"One said, 'People who honk non-stop in traffic jams.' 'Someone honked at me in a drive-thru. What's to gain? We're all stuck!' another added."

When There’s Very Limited Credibility In Their Opinions

"Bandwagon opinion-formers frustrate me," said one. "Worse is when they believe 'facts' from shady sources and distrust authoritative ones," added another.

When They Say They’re Great At Driving Drunk

"'I drive well drunk.' 'No, you're reckless,' one replied. 'A friend bragged about his drunk-driving dad; I'm saddened now,' added another."

When They’re Horoscope Freaks

"People who ask 'What's your horoscope?' should predict my sign based on my behavior if horoscopes truly define personality," one joked. "I hate when they're right," added another.

If They Don’t Have A Political Opinion Of Their Own

"If they back a party but can't support its views, they likely inherited beliefs. Arguing politics becomes impossible, frustrating. Like arguing with a brick wall."

When They Quote “The Onion” To Back Their Views

"When they cite The Onion in a factual discussion," said one. "I mentioned an Onion article over dinner once, and couldn't get my point across ever since."

When They Believe In Magical Rocks

A woman bought amethyst to put in her dog's water for flea immunity. Another spent hundreds on crystals for a spiritual throne. My workplace attracts interesting, albeit misguided clients.

They Keep Calling Themselves A Stoner

People who only discuss getting high 24/7 and expect me to tolerate it are frustrating. Being high is good but don't obsess over it.

They’re Proud Of Themselves For Never Reading A Book

"One admitted they'd proudly never read a book. Another knew a high-school dropout who only read kid's books & claimed reading was for those with no life."

When They Don’t Cross Check Facts

“Forwarding obviously ridiculous political propaganda without fact-checking. Fail.”

They Think Vaccinations May Cause Their Children To Become Autistic

“I get angry when someone says they don't vaccinate their kids due to autism fears.” “They see us as the fools for trusting govt propaganda.”

They Don’t Believe In The Theory Of Evolution

“Believing that evolution isn’t real because they haven’t seen a case of inter-species evolution.”

When They Keep Claiming To Be “Smart”

“If they claim to be smart. From what I’ve seen, intelligent people don’t care about other people’s opinions of their intelligence.”

When Their Car’s License Plate Is A Display Of Registration Stickers

"Ever seen someone's plate stacked with old registration stickers? I can't believe they'd be smart when instructions are clearly given! Idiots."

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