15 Most Miserable States in America To Live In

US netizen asked, "Which is the worst state & why?". Here are the top responses:


"Never faced racial profiling until I visited Mississippi; happened thrice. Once, a cop questioned me for an hour. Screw Mississippi."


"Delaware, with fewer than 1 million people yet over a million businesses, isn't really run for humans but for businesses due to its favorable laws. "


“Rhode Island simply because it’s as much a state as Pluto is a planet,” said one. “The most crooked little state with the longest name,” another added.


“Ohio. Most of the astronauts have come from Ohio. Something about that state makes people want to leave the planet.” 


"One person nominated Kansas as boring, a native agreed but appreciated the sweet BBQ."


"Ever been to Wyoming? Like a Walmart full of people," said one. "Yes, Wyoming. Nothing interesting here. Avoid the parks. You don't enjoy outdoors, right?" another added.


“I made the mistake of trying to get together when I was 22 by attending Nebraska. I don’t know how I survived.” 


West Virginia's population is declining due to outdated infrastructure and a depreciating coal industry. Even democrats are conservative here. Workers work harder for lesser pay compared to other states. Exploitative out-of-state companies profit without paying taxes. 'Mountaineers are nearly free' would aptly depict the situation.


“Louisiana, no doubt. It has extremely high taxes, stupid infrastructure, and corruption for days.”


"Utah's laws are heavily influenced by the Mormon church. Votes can be amended if they conflict with church beliefs. Alcohol can't be purchased on Sundays or past 7 pm on weekdays. No alcohol delivery allowed."


“Texas is a cult that pretends to be a state when it needs something, that preaches no interference from big government, all the while interfering in all forms of government.” 


"Indiana has few redeeming qualities besides waffle houses, wind turbines, and Three Floyds. Cops aren't great. Prefer Chicago," users stated.


“Illinois. Check out how many of our past governors are in prison.” 


"Kentucky's senators, MacConnell and Rand Paul, are accused of holding the country hostage. But, points for bourbon and the Red River Gorge."


"Arkansas had just 8 ICU beds and 80,000 wasted vaccines. If an Arkansan says ‘We’re in this together,’ ask for their vaccination proof. Regardless, they need a wake-up call."

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