Frugal Wizardry: 15 Saving Tips That’ll Make Your Wallet Happy

In a world filled with temptations and rising costs, finance management can be tough. Yet, a simple money-saving tip is to live within your means; spend less than you earn and avoid unnecessary debt. Top netizens gave 15 tips related to jobs, personal finance, budgeting, planning, and daily habits.

Stop Buying Stuff You Don’t Need

Before buying non-essentials, imagine choosing between the item and its cash value. If you'd take the cash, reconsider the purchase.

Buy In Bulk If It’s Often Needed

"Buy often-used, non-perishable goods in bulk if possible. It's often cheaper per item, like with razor blades. This is true for nearly 90% of goods."

Pay Yourself First

"Pay yourself first by putting a percentage of your earnings into savings," one advised. Another added, "I auto-deposit $15 in savings weekly for emergencies."

Start Budgeting RIGHT NOW

"Start budgeting now, even if you're flipping burgers in high school. Budgeting reveals unnecessary expenses, allowing you to set fun limits and save. Plus, it helps you save up for something you really want."

Don’t Get In Credit Card Debt

“Don’t get in credit card debt, especially store cards, I’m looking at you Wal-Mart. Some of these cards have interest rates of 18%!!”

Don’t Go Grocery Shopping On An Empty Stomach

"Don't shop hungry. Keep loose change in a jar. Make a list before shopping to buy only needed items," suggests a user.

Don’t Buy New ALL The Time

"Avoid buying new always. List your desired items and check for refurbished ones (with warranty), thrift or consignment shops. Also, Craigslist is an option."

Pack Your Lunch

"Pack a lunch, it's cheaper and healthier," one said. "Make a sandwich for few dollars or buy a less healthy one for $10," added another.

Buy Cars In Cash And Live In Smaller Houses

"Save big by buying used cars in cash and living in smaller homes. These steps can save hundreds each month, more than minor savings from skimping on lunches or coffee."

Avoid Paying Interests At All Costs

"Avoid paying interest/fees at all costs; it's throwing money away. Buying unnecessary things in debt means paying extra interest."

Put Half Your Paycheck Into A Savings Account

"When you're young, split any paycheck at least in half. Put one half in savings and the other in your normal account. This saved me a large sum for when needed."

Don’t Use Credit Cards Unless You Know This One Thing

“Don’t use credit cards unless you *know* you’re one of those people that will pay the bill off completely at the end of every month and want to take advantage of the rewards.”

Check For Warranty Extension In Credit Cards

Many credit cards extend your warranty for purchases by a year. Check the fine print for this and other benefits like travel insurance.

Drive The Speed Limit And Buckle Your Safety Belt

"Drive safe and buckle up - it results in lower car insurance. A lead foot in my past cost me $120 monthly for an old Prius [source]. Now, no tickets in two years and stable insurance rates."

Use A Mom-And-Pop Company To Get Your Taxes Done

"Get your taxes done by a Mom-and-Pop company, not a big-name one. They're often cheaper and offer better communication. Be smart about your choices, though." [source]

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