15 Careers That Drive People Batty

It's key not to stereotype professions because people vary, but some jobs can be tough. Each person's experience and choices matter. Still, some jobs can uniquely test patience and resilience.

Prison Guards

Being a prison guard isn't like Hollywood depicts. It's messy, stressful, and dangerous, requiring unique skills and mental strength to handle difficult people under stress with limited support.

Emergency Medical Services

Becoming an EMS clinician demands physical stamina, mental resilience, and dedication, dealing with non-routine situations that can sometimes be brutal.

Life Coaches

Life coaching is testing; it involves mitigating other's stress and handling their fears & vulnerabilities. The emotional tolls can be burdensome.

Film Industry

Film industry has many egoists due to long hours, unexpected overtime, job insecurity & pressure to stay in news and fit Hollywood standards.

Music Industry

Earning from music is tough, demanding multiple income streams. Despite exhaustion, success requires self-promotion, networking, and constant effort, yet many still don't achieve it.


As a politician, you balance conflicting interests and ethical dilemmas, work long hours, and cope with constant public scrutiny and fluctuating perception.

Professional Wrestling

As a pro wrestler, you're always in danger of serious injuries. The stress of maintaining physical strength and a strict diet is also a concern.

Advertising Agencies

Joining advertising agencies, especially senior-level, means coping with high stress. Heavy workloads, unrealistic expectations, and sudden changes make it more challenging.

Pay Day Loan Companies’ Employees

Payday loan company workers endure much, finding those desperate for funds and charging high interest due to their lack of access to earned money.

Funeral Services

Working in funeral services, often requiring no formal education, can fast burn you out. Not for psychopaths seeking to exploit the bereaved, it involves managing bodies, no fixed schedule, unimaginable situations, and observing family pain.


Psychologists handle clients experiencing trauma, grief, depression, which can be draining. They also contend with challenging patients, limited recognition, ethical dilemmas, and ongoing education.

The Cosmetology Industry

Cosmetologists often face mean clients, stand all day leading to body aches, work in awkward positions, and are continuously exposed to multiple chemicals.

Management Consulting

Management consulting has high salaries and prestige but also comes with challenges like intense workloads, long hours, demanding clients, constant travel, performance pressure, and burnout.


Slaughterhouse workers do strenuous tasks like lifting carcasses and operating machinery, often in cold, wet, and slippery conditions. They deal with blood, waste, chemicals, and daily emotional distress.


Being a chef is tough, physically demanding & competitive. They often work long, irregular hours, including holidays to meet restaurant demands. They maintain quality under pressure, manage inventory, oversee staff, & adapt to changing menus.