15 Careers That Drive People Batty

Generalizing professions is difficult due to people's diversity. Individual choices matter more than job titles. However, some careers are deemed crazymaking online.

Prison Guards

Being a prison guard is demanding and stressful, often leading to workplace injuries. The role demands a unique skill set and mental strength, not just physical prowess. One user describes an uneasy power dynamic they've observed.

Emergency Medical Services

Becoming an EMS clinician needs physical stamina, mental resilience, dedication, and involves high stress, odd hours, and often meager pay.

Life Coaches

As a life coach, managing others' stress and facing emotional challenges is part of the job. Witnessing client's fears and pain can be draining.

Film Industry

The film industry is full of egotists and unexpressive individuals. Its long hours, job insecurity, extensive travel, high-pressure culture, lack of responsibility, and indulgence in substance abuse can be mentally draining.

Music Industry

Struggle is real for artists vying for attention - surviving solely on music is tough & needs relentless effort. A user also highlights toxicity in the local music scene.


Politicians face ethical challenges, long hours, and public scrutiny. Many good politicians are often overlooked and unrecognized, leading to short careers.

Professional Wrestling

Wrestling brings risk of injury and the stress of physical maintenance. One user after watching a Hulk Hogan interview noted his survival, unlike most of his peers.

Advertising Agencies

Being a senior in advertising agencies means facing immense stress due to high work volume, unrealistic expectations, and sudden changes.

Pay Day Loan Companies’ Employees

Working for payday loan firms is challenging. These companies charge high interests to desperate people with no financial alternative. A user equates them to illegal loan sharks.

Funeral Services

Funeral services is a draining industry requiring no formal education, with long hours, poor work conditions, mediocre pay, and often involves dealing with trauma and abuse. There is little mental health support for those needing therapy.


Psychologists frequently face challenges such as managing difficult emotions in clients, uncooperative patients, lack of recognition, ongoing education, and daily ethical dilemmas.

The Cosmetology Industry

Cosmetologists endure fatigue, back/foot pain, working on feet, insane clients, awkward positions, and chemical exposure in the cosmetology industry.

Management Consulting

Management consulting has prestige, but also intense workload, long hours, travel, and pressure. A user says, "The profession is full of competitive and self-interested individuals."


Slaughterhouse workers handle tough tasks like heavy lifting and operating machinery in cold, slippery conditions with high accident risk. Despite witnessing daily slaughter, they remain unfazed by gore. A user says, “I've met many, they're unbothered by gore and enjoy using knives on carcasses.”


Culinary professionals face physical demands, high competitiveness, mental stress. Many suffer separation, underpayment, overwork, lack of love, and substance abuse. User

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