15 Jobs Nobody Would Do, No Matter the Salary

Job health risks may outweigh financial gains. After all, health is wealth. A user asked "Which job wouldn't you do for 150K/Month?" Let's see top responses.


Underwater ocean welding has over a 15% fatality rate on the job. Most netizens agree never to take this up, even if it’s profitable.


Beekeeping requires regular maintenance and can be physically demanding, deterring those with busy schedules or who fear bees. Learn more


Ethical, emotional, and practical factors impact decisions against animal slaughter careers. One story involves a company's murder of 100 healthy huskies post-Olympics, refused by a vet.


Surgeons face high stakes, leading to potential burnout and mental health issues. One user states, "I couldn't handle someone's life depending on my error."


"Many fear snakes due to cultural myths or personal experiences, hindering their interest in snake removal jobs. One shares, “I'm not fond of finding and removing poisonous snakes."


Acrophobia affects many, often making high altitude work unthinkable. A user said, “Not for $1m/hour” regarding climbing high for maintenance jobs.


Witnessing the pain of critically ill children and families can cause emotional drain and deter some from the field. A user shares, “Child oncology is tough, but due to high childhood cancer survival rates, you often get to send them home cured."


Despite the rewards, some deter from medical careers due to fear of bodily fluids and potential disease transmission. Learn More


Concerns arise with children's beauty pageants due to possible innocence exploitation, pressure to meet unrealistic beauty standards, and harm to self-esteem and body image.


Factory farms' unsanitary conditions increase zoonotic disease risk like bird and swine flu. The inhumane treatment of animals deters potential workers. “No pay justifies harming animals." says one.


Janitors work in unclean settings like restrooms and garbage areas, exposed to unpleasant sights, smells, and potential biohazards.


Selling may seem manipulative, causing discomfort and hindering performance. As one user puts it, "Constantly pushing sales feels unsatisfying and challenging, with no real sense of accomplishment."


Lawyers often grapple with ethical issues, which can deter individuals prioritizing ethics in their career. A user comments on how the profession can change even decent people.

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