15 Non-College Careers That Pay Over $50,000 Per Year

Many can't pursue a degree due to lack of interest or funds, raising concerns about earning a high salary. A user asked for high-paying jobs (£70k+) that don't require a degree. Here're the top responses.


"One states IT trades pay well and certifications aid entry. The other agrees, warning certifications need regular maintenance. Having a degree isn't critical but technology is always changing. Initially gaining certification is challenging; also, learning, not just passing, is essential. A strong foundation is formed on network certifications before advancing to security ones."


"If you're in the US and under 31, consider applying for Air traffic control. Pay range is 65k-150k p.a. post training with a pension, but retirement is at 56. Hiring process takes about a year and training occurs in Oklahoma City. Initial pay post academy is $20-25 per hour but increases with milestones reached during training. It's risky and may require relocation, but offers federal benefits."


“Sales. If you’re good at it.”


“Go work on an oil drilling rig. 100k for six months of work. 2 weeks on, two weeks off. But it’s actual work.”


"In Australia, train driving pays well. Still in training but the pay is decent. It gets more with qualifications and good penalty rates; income is over 100k."


"Amazon waived degree requirements for management levels. Both my fiancée and I started as Level 1 warehouse associates. She's now making $95K from promotions. No degree, just Amazon experience."


Wastewater careers offer far-above-average pay. You'll learn chemistry & biology outdoors, earn well due to the job's "gross" perception, and help save the planet.


“Garbage Truck Driver. Our drivers clear over 100k with overtime and make 80k without. Full boat pension and benefits, too.”


"Master SQL, Excel & data software for a potential 100k+ salary in Data Analytics. It's less than software development but easier to learn. Marketing knowledge & job experience also enhance prospects."


“Dropped out of college to learn how to code. Five years later, I am making six figures, maxing out retirement accounts, and debt-free. The first job paid $65k/year back in 2017.”


“Be a linemen. The electric grid will need to be upgraded all across America for at least the next 25 years. They can make 200k or more with OT.”


“I make $175,000 a year managing cybersecurity teams at a Fortune 500 company. I don’t have a degree in anything.”


"Easiest path: navy or air force, then military contracting. Guarantee of employment & high 5-figure income with a high school degree."

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