The Couch Potato’s Guide to Saving: 15 Sneaky Tricks to Make Your Money Multiply Without Lifting a Finger

Master your profession or hobby to save money, from understanding finances to DIY repairs. An online query asked for money-saving tips linked to people's expertise. Top tip? Installing RAM is easier than you think. Here are the top 15 tips provided:

Make Infinite Yogurt At Home

"Buy plain yogurt with active culture. Fill mason jars with milk and heat until nearly boiling, then cool. Mix in yogurt, leave overnight, refrigerate, and enjoy with toppings. Repeat for infinite yogurt."

Try Googling Your Computer Problems On Your Computer

"Having computer issues? Just Google the problem," one said. "That's how I solve work problems and learn about computers. I hope the boss never finds out!"

The newest Milk Is At The Bottom Of The Shelf

“The newest milk is always at the bottom of the shelf. …I hate my job. Jesus Christ, I hate my job…” Said one.

Exercise Regularly & Fix Your Posture

"As a physiotherapist, I emphasize proper desk posture and regular exercise. Often, injuries I treat stem from underuse rather than overuse. Correcting posture helps prevent neck, back, shoulder issues and headaches."

Spend Quality Time With Your Young Ones

“Teacher here:  If you are a parent, spend as much quality time as you can with your kids reading to/with them when they are young.  The long-term benefit is almost incalculable.”

Reach Out To Your College Instructor If You Need Help

"College instructor advises: If you can't afford textbooks, email instructors about alternatives. Older editions might be ok, books might be available at the library or they might have spares to loan."

If You Can’t Pay A Medical Bill, Inform The Concerned People Right Away

Can't pay a medical bill? Call your healthcare provider right away. Early negotiation often yields discounts, especially with upfront cash payments.

Check For Deals While Ordering Pizza

Ex-Pizza Hut and Dominos driver advises: Always check for deals before ordering pizzas. If unsure, ask over the phone.

Buy Your Children’s Clothes From Thrift Stores

"I’m an Early Childhood Educator. Kids are costly and grow fast! Buy their clothes from thrift shops. Mostly worn only few times, they're much cheaper. Or save costs without having kids."

Don’t Resort To The Cheapest Stuff Always

"Don't choose the cheapest option by default, make informed decisions. As a CAD tech, I've seen many pick the cheapest bid, only to have subpar work done. Think long term."

Don’t Take Mathematics For Granted

I'm a math teacher. Critical thinking equips you to solve problems, avoid scams, discern overpriced goods, and see through political lies.

Learn To Cook

"Learn to cook for tastier, cheaper meals at home," said one. "I usually order unique dishes to get new ideas. Regular meals are boring as I've cooked it before," added another.

Park Your Car In A Walmart Parking Lot When You’re On A Road Trip

"On a road trip? Park & sleep at Walmart for a day or two. Don't overstay your welcome & buy something as a thank you. Need clean socks and beef jerky anyway!"

Learn How The Buttons On Your Generator Work

"I've made countless trips to homes just to press generator buttons, even when clear instructions were on the control panel."

Buy Slow-Release Fertilizers

"I highly suggest buying slow-release fertilizers for an efficient, cost-effective, and safe horticulture experience. Avoid fast release or powders. They require frequent reapplication and risk plant root burns."

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