15 Disasters Millennials Will Be Responsible For in 50 Years (and, Blamed Too!)

Each generation faces criticism from the next; what will millennials be blamed for? Netizens share their predictions below.

YouTube And TikTok Families

“YouTube and TikTok families. Maybe a rampage of stolen identities because of how many parents currently share their children’s information online.” 

Raising Kids With The Help Of Internet & Gadgets

"One criticizes parents for raising kids with tablets and internet. Another cringes seeing toddlers engrossed with tablets on buses. They feel it's over."

Collapse Of Digital Privacy

"Collapse of digital privacy.", said one. "Convenience and 'child protection' destroy privacy. Without privacy, no democracy.", another added.

Being Robophobes

"One criticized, “Being robophobes. No respect for your AI relationship.” Another added, “AI relationships will be a thing, not for millennials after what's going on now.”"

Open-Concept Houses

"One said, 'Open-concept houses with uniform colors, sharp edges, and vessel sinks.' Another added, 'We are shifting from open-concept floor plans for a cozier feel.'"

Painting Over Hardwood Trim & More

"Comments on painting hardwood and impractical 'farmhouse' style decor from users." See more


“I’m hopeful we’ll crack that problem between using it in roads as filler and turning it back into petrochemicals or something” 

Population Shortages

"Though hard to imagine, we'll see population decline in countries during our lifetimes. Countries with positive reproduction rates may hold more political sway."

Killing The Dying Industry

"Outrage over disruption to traditional burial customs; calls for respect for the 'dying industry'. Others welcome change, prefer cremation [read more]."

Not Taking Charge Of Environmental Issues

“It’s frustrating. I bike to work, drive an electric car, buy carbon offsets, compost, recycle, reduce plastic waste and I’m vegetarian," one said. "But watching others’ harmful habits is disheartening."

Not Raising Kids Properly

“Completely skipping the raising part of having a child.” 


“Complicity. Not fighting hard enough to fix a broken system.” 

Not Fighting For Their Rights

“Not taking to the streets like the French do when rights are taken away.”

Not Contributing Enough Towards The Economy

“For not contributing enough to keep the economy afloat because they’re STILL paying off their student loans.” 

Not Voting

“Not enough of our generation voting and allowing these shenanigans to continue to happen and mess everything up long term. Just vote!” 

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