Are You Being Cheated On? 15 Signs to Watch Out For

Infidelity can ruin relationships. But can we spot signs before it gets serious? Here are some top clues people shared on signs a girlfriend might be cheating.

Change In Patterns

“Change in patterns, normally my ex would go to sleep before me, but all of a sudden she would go to bed later than me and actively encourage me to go to sleep.” 

Doing What They Previously Didn’t

My girlfriend's sudden interest in Spanish music and tennis - instead of our usual Korean tunes and swimming - signaled she'd found a Spanish, tennis-loving boyfriend.

Negative Reactions

“They start caring more about their appearance but react negatively to your affection.” 

The Toilet Seat Being Up

Recalling incidents of finding toilet seat up in her apartment, a woman shared her alarm when her maintenance man failed to leave a note that he had been in her apartment.

Buying Matching Underwear, She Never Wears

One said, "Buying matching underwear not worn for you." Another recounted a cheating ex buying a hot Christmas romper with matching lingerie, which never saw the light of day. [source]

Too Many Late-Night Hangouts With “Friends”

“Going out with friends every day or 2 (especially after dark) but failing to give you any names of who they’re going with.” 

Using More Feminine Voice For Another Guy

"When her voice pitches high around a guy, like my ex did with her 'friend'. She cheated. It still hurts, a year on."

She Guards Her Phone All The Time

"She fiercely guards her phone. Her interest in physical intimacy is nearly null. She leaves randomly with her friends."

Her Phone’s Back Always Faces You

Noticed my ex always kept her phone's back facing me- it would rotate as I moved around.

There’s Some New Energy About Her That Isn’t Directed Towards You

"She changes her energy, focuses on appearances, buys new clothes, and underwear. Uses her phone more & keeps it out of reach. Gets defensive if asked about new passcode, citing trust issues."

Sudden Unexplained Changes

“Shows sudden changes in routine; starts fights as an excuse to depart. Gets defensive if you touch their phone; find unsent photos. Avoids long-term plans.”


"Projection is a telltale. Her paranoia about bf cheating may suggest she's doing it. I know from experience."

No More Eye Contacts

“She never makes eye contact.” 

No More Complaining About Things That Were A Problem Before

"She stopped complaining about his gaming, as she was cheating whenever he was out. Their friend caught her & forced her to confess. She wasn't loyal."

Mean Girl Energy Ultra Pro Max

"Girls can become 'mean', rude, with low tolerance for anything done. I've experienced this twice."

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