15 Big United States Cities You Just Shouldn’t Bother Visiting As A Tourist

US cities can be great, but some aren't tourist-worthy. A forum asked which big US cities are worth skipping, here's the top answers.


“Jacksonville, Florida, is one giant, endless, un-walkable strip mall. It’s Gotham City but without Batman.”


“I drove through Amarillo once. That’s all I remember about it.”


“Springfield. All of them. But especially in Illinois. Nothing but a trailer park with a capitol building. Lincoln is turning in his grave.”


“Raleigh. Living there’s pretty boring. It would be even more boring if anyone came as a tourist. It’s very much a city where people live and work.”


"Phoenix, Arizona. Sprawling housing & failing malls, devoid of culture or attractions."


"Hollywood is a big toilet. Told my sister not to idolize stars and get used to the scent. She didn't believe, now she does."


“San Jose is in the top 10 for the population in the country, and as a Bay Area resident, I’d never even consider sending a tourist anywhere near there.”


"Denver is flat & has extreme temperatures while Colorado Springs is nice. West Texas, Oklahoma & most cities in the California Central Valley, the Deep South & Florida (except Miami) are unfavorable. Desert cities like Albuquerque, Phoenix, Tucson, & retail hell - Las Vegas, are not appealing anymore, unless for a show."


“Little Rock, it gets worse every time I drive through it.”


“Charlotte, North Carolina, is a nothing burger.”


“Columbus, Ohio. Downtown on weekends is a ghost town. Like no cars, no people. It is weird.”


“Atlanta. The city is so spread out and difficult to navigate as a tourist. Not worth it.”


“Dallas is a Strip mall garbage heap. There is nothing to do here but spend money and sit in the air-conditioning.”


“Colorado Springs is the place where you wanna go if you get bored and want a random person to offer you meth. Pretty mountains, though!”


“I’m from Houston. I recommend Houston. I love this city; it’s a great place to live, but there’s not much for tourists to do here.”

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