The 15 American Cities That Are Slowly Dying

"Ups and downs are common in any nation, including the US. A forum question asked which American city suffered the most setback in the past 5 years. See top responses."


“Jackson, Mississippi. The murder rate is unbelievable, and the decay of the city and basic amenities is tragic.”


“Not a big city, but I drove through Meridian, Mississippi, after several years, and the decay was shocking. Everything seemed shattered and dead, except Walmart.”


"New Orleans is deteriorating due to corruption, decaying infrastructure, inefficient public transportation, and a colossal crime rate. The dishonest mayor, falling buildings like Hard Rock Hotel, and violent crime are dire issues. The job market is declining with no reputable companies interested in operations. It's reminiscent of Detroit's scenario."


"San Francisco has changed. People plead with thieves through window notes. One even removed his window tint to show he had nothing. Yet, they broke in and stole his 49er bobblehead."


"Portland's drug decriminalization rollout was a mess, causing issues for innocent bystanders. Drug users smoke hard drugs in public places. Small businesses suffer, neighborhoods are overrun with RVs and waste, and crime, like car and bike theft, has increased. Online shopping has surged due to a decrease in local shopping trips. The enhancement of public transport overlooked passenger and driver safety. Increased regulations slow down and make everything more expensive. Yet, if you're a drug addict, perspective favours you."


“Charleston, West Virginia. Its population has steadily declined by about 1.5% annually for over two decades. It’s the only state capitol in the United States that is dying.”


“Apparently, it’s Houston, averaging a subsidence of 17 millimeters a year. Parts of the city have fallen up to 3 meters since 1917.”


“The answer is Davenport, Lowa, but no one cares about it, including the elected officials.”


“Pawnee, Indiana got so bad that they don’t show it on television anymore.”


“Memphis. Car thefts are over 7,000 this year alone. Five years ago, it wasn’t like that. Murders, drugs, robbing, Memphis is out of control.”


“Louisville, Kentucky. Crime here has become very routine, from theft to drugs to murder. This once great city ain’t what it used to be, and it makes me so sad.”


"Washington DC experienced a double surge in armed robberies & carjackings since the Pandemic, an issue seemingly widespread."


"I reside in Atlanta's suburbs where, recently, racism, rudeness, traffic, and crime rates have significantly increased."


"Asheville's charm has diminished since 2012. Last visit's cheapest hotel was $300/night with stained sheets. Hotels housed homeless, raising prices. The once cool, friendly town now feels elitist."


"Downtown Denver, once a beautiful shopping destination, is now plagued with homelessness, drug addiction, and violence. Nightly disturbances resemble a zombie apocalypse. Several encampments of 10-20 tents line the sidewalks and underpasses. This sad reality makes me want to relocate soon."

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