The Pinocchio Principle: 14 Signs Your Nose Grows and Your Words Flow

Can you tell when someone lies? Many can. An online user wondered, “What are signs of lying?” and received some incredibly relatable replies!

Too Much Info Without Specifics

“They’re somehow full of information but lack specific information at the same time.”

Unnecessary Details

“They oversell the point with details that aren’t needed.”

They Don’t Like It If You Question Them

“They get really bitchy when you question what they’re telling you.”

Getting Super Defensive Along With Some Screaming

“It is super easy to tell when my mom lies. She gets super defensive and her voice turns high-pitched. Sometimes she just starts yelling if you are completely straight-faced.”

Sounds Too Good To Be True

“When it sounds too good to be true, it’s most probably not true.”

They Gaslight You

“They gaslight you into being afraid to ask them questions. They will say nonsense like ‘Why don’t you trust me, why do I have to prove every small thing’.”

Can’t Handle Follow-up Questions

“When they can handle one question from you but get angry the second you ask a follow-up question. Most liars can only defend against very light scrutiny.”

They Over-Explain Without Being Asked

“When they feel the need to over-explain, and you haven’t even asked for an explanation in the first place. That’s suspicious.”

They Look Incredibly Desperate To Prove Their Point

“The way they look at you like they *need* you to believe them so they can satisfy their ego. You’ll know it when you see it.”

They’d Tell You To Do The Research

“They will tell you to do your own research when you ask them to explain their point.”

Changing Subjects Or Trying To End The Conversation

“Trying to end a conversation early.”, said one. “Attempting to abruptly shift the subject would fit nicely with this.”, another added.

They Don’t Directly Answer The Question

"When they avoid questions or use diversion tactics. E.g. not saying 'no' but asking 'Would I do that?'. Also, those baiting to gauge reactions."

Talking In Circles

“Constant talking in circles. When you have been around a lot of con artists the flow of constant speech becomes a red flag.”

Body Language

“Body language? That hand-to-chest ‘clutching the pearls’ gesture as they’re talking to you.” Source: Reddit

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