14 American Places Overrated by the Hype Machine. Plan Your Trip Better.

"Exploring US cities? Some don't live up to the hype. In a forum, users revealed the overrated places in the US. Here are the top responses."


"Hollywood isn't as glamorous as imagined, with a reality of rundown, dirty streets and homelessness. Celebrities are often found in Malibu, Beverly Hills or Burbank."


“When I think of Myrtle Beach, it’s either family-friendly tourist traps or college students binge drinking.”


“Atlantic City is pretty bad. Does anyone think Atlantic City is good, though? It’s famous for gambling and Monopoly.”


"Honolulu, on Oahu, may not live up to your Hawaii dream. It's a big, messy city on a lovely beach. The other islands offer a more authentic Hawaiian experience."


"The Poconos are subpar; hotels stuck in 1979 aesthetics with a lot of mildew and dirty water parks. Better hiking spots exist in Northern Pennsylvania."


“Las Vegas. Hotter than hell with extreme sensory overload.”


"Talladega. Even as a Canadian, I knew of it. I was excited to work there. But it was a disappointing mess."


“Los Angeles seems to be a letdown for a lot of people. Dirty, expensive, lots of homeless, and traffic.”


"The Big Texan is a famed Amarillo stop, with far-reach ads for a free 72oz steak. Think tourist trap and pricey steaks."


"Cape Cod, MA is picturesque but overcrowded, overpriced, and suffers from drug problems and extreme poverty. In winter, it's isolating, and tourist season is hectic with one main road, pricey beach parking, and poor facilities. Visit at your own risk!


“Houston. Worst designed city in the United States but somehow the 4th most populous.”


"Portland, Oregon may be deserving, but 40% of the US population disagrees. Things could improve. Avoid it."


“Hawaii. It’s backward, corrupt, hideously expensive, racist as hell. It’s everything bad about California rolled up with everything bad about Mississippi.”


"Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge has morphed from a 70s/80s idyllic locale into an overcrowded tourist trap filled with tacky shops and chain restaurants. The once-mountainous cabins are now suburban style homes."

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