14 Cheesy Pick-Up Lines That Defy Expectations And Got People Dates

In the evolving world of courtship, the charm of pick-up lines still thrives. They hold a firm place in the love toolkit of many. One user recently asked for the best pick-up line ever. The answers were captivating!

Cute One

"A kindergarten student invited me to play video games at his house after school saying I'm pretty and his mom makes great snacks. His mom and I laughed at pick-up time."

Sleep With Me Tonight

"After work, a female co-worker and I went to a bar. She told a joke about mice stuck in a room and the female mouse trading bedtime company for escape secrets, then looked me in the eye, delivered the punchline via flirting. Best pickup line ever!" Read More...

The Tequila Move

“A woman once told me “every time I drink tequila I wind up sleeping with someone” and then proceeded to take a shot of tequila while holding eye contact with me.”

The Smokey One Liner

"Long ago, a man observed my left-handed smoking and complimented my back at a diner. His unusual approach left me amused." Read more

The Glassy Gem

“A regular at a bar I worked at dropped this gem on a girl. “I’d buy you a drink, but I’d be jealous of the glass.” I groaned so loud she laughed at me and walked away from him.” 

The Savage Kid

"At my friend's, his 5-year-old brother grabbed a friend's hand to play her a guitar song. He paused, thought, and said he didn't know any princess songs. Kid had more game than 19-year-old me."

Free Condoms, Anyone?

At a fest, an org gave free condoms. A lady says to a pair, "Take what you need but we don't have unlimited." The girl picks one, asks the guy, "Wanna share?"

Simple, Sweet, And Snowy

"The first snowfall; a campus walk with a friend. "The snow looks beautiful today," they said. My name means snow in my language. They were flirting, and I missed it."

When He Picked Her Up, LITERALLY

"On Halloween, my friend, in a Viking costume, used a literal pickup line on a girl: lifting her onto his shoulder, claiming he's taking her to the ship. They dated for a year."

When The Waitress Got Flattered

"Went to a restaurant - high school acquaintance was our waitress. Asked her: What time do you get off? Her: Around 5. Me: Want to get off again after? To my surprise, it worked."

Angry Bird Or Kazooie? Who Cares

At a college Halloween party as Kazooie, I told a woman dressed as a golfer she could score a birdie tonight.

Can You Set My Tie

"Ask 'Is my tie straight?' It invites closeness and breaks the touch barrier. Then say 'I'm meeting someone today'. If she asks who, reply 'Hopefully, you'. Always gets a smile."

Anatomy and Chemistry

Texting, she joked her favorite class is anatomy and asked for my study help. I replied, “Already aced chemistry, helping with anatomy sounds fun.” We were silent.

Sarah-nade You

I met my wife Sarah over beers and told her I'd 'Sarah-nade' her. Five years later, we're expecting a child - best pick-up line ever.

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