Love Kryptonite: 16 Habits That Repel Men and Make Them Lose Interest

Women often perceive male attraction based on stereotypes which may not be true. Men find a broader range of qualities appealing. Gaining accurate insights about their preferences requires direct communication.

1. Acting Cute To Get Away With Things

Comments mock those who act like their problems make them quirky, like reckless spending and ignoring health warnings. "Full story".

2. Asking Questions in Between Movies

"Annoying movie habits? One shares: “Asking questions about a show neither of you has watched," added another “Who's the killer? I don't know, we've watched the same amount.”

3. Playing Hard To Get

"When a girl plays hard to get, I presume they're high maintenance," one said. "I was with a girl who was hard to get, but when another girl showed interest & she ignored me, I stopped trying. Too high maintenance. Not worth it," another said.

4. Stealing Clothes

"One said, 'Stealing your hoodies and not returning them.' Another replied, 'Not cool, it's my hoodie.' A third admitted, 'I use decoy clothes for this.'"

5. Refraining From Doing Something Because It’s a Man’s Job

"One person loved when his girlfriend wanted to change her oil, stating, “how hard could it be?”. Another finds it refreshing when gender doesn’t determine tasks."

6. Acting Like You Like What He Likes

"False interest in hobbies can lead to resentment in relationships. It's better to be honest," advised a Redditor about pretending to enjoy your partner's hobbies.

7. Insecurity About Your Body

“If we’re sleeping together, you’ve already won me over. No need to hide your stomach or try to cover your behind; most men are as insecure about their bodies as yours.” said one. 

8. Trying To Make Him Jealous

"She dated another guy to make me jealous. No way!" one said. "She'd brag about guys flirting with her, trying to annoy me. Not appealing." another added.

9. Expecting To Fight For you

"You want us to fight over you after choosing another? Not happening. Bye." added one.

10. Not Initiating Intimacy

"I dislike when women don't initiate intimacy or show interest. They want us to 'go for it,' but if it doesn't seem they want it, I won't." said one.

11. Asking For Surprise But Never Telling What You Like

"Tell us your likes- be it food, sex, possessions! We'll generate a list to surprise you with similar items. Avoid annoyance of unwanted surprises," shared one user.

12. Baby Talks

"Sound like a woman, not a child. If your man wants baby-talk, reply “Bye-bye, Roy boy!” said a user.

13. Eating From His Portion

“Eating from my meal… that I ordered…in the portion… I wanted to eat. If you wanted fries, Darlene, you should have ordered fries!!” shared one. 

14. Showing Skin

Sometimes women go overboard with showing skin. It is usually because they think it makes them look attractive. However, it starts to looking desperate.

15. Talking Bad About Others

A lot of women think it is attractive and funny to talk down others, especially women. It is not attractive and highlights your insecurity. 

16. Being Too Touchy

Most men don't like getting too touchy. Enjoyed this Reddit discussion? Share your thoughts!

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